Writing Challenge #9

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  1. WRITE: For this week’s challenge, you need to pick FIVE of the following TEN words, and then write a 100 flash fiction (or vignette) piece using the five words you chose… Dragon, tree, flag, olives, popcorn, shoes, phone, raven, dandelions, peas.

Looking forward to reading all the entries!

COMMENT: You MUST comment on FOUR other entries to qualify. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified from the challenge. Give and take… Keep the cycle going.

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DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 24th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Voting booth will open for this challenge on Wednesday, May 25th, and the winners will be announced the following Wednesday, June 1st.

CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #7… Rebecca Braun, Scott Zitrick and Nancy Bell!


Have fun!

Author Notes

101 Comments for “Writing Challenge #9”


Great Dragon flew across the sunset sky, Raven clinging to him, toes tucked into the scales for balance. The Emperor’s flag held in Dragon’s claw snapped in the wind. Yellow dandelions and green olives on a fiery red background. Raven croaked the call to arms.


“One more time. You were at the movies…”

“… by myself, trying to watch ‘Dragon Tales,’ and this guy in front of me’s chomping his popcorn. I don’t say anything, I’m a nice guy, y’know, and then he stars tapping his feet and singing along with the songs. And popcorn. So I politely ask him to quit, and he flips me off. I leaned back, and then his cell phone rang. Loud. And he answers it and starts talking.”

“That’s when you took the candy Peas and Carrots…”

“And shoved them down his throat. Really, officer… he had to die.”

Marcia Yearwood


Olivia tiptoed outside with her cup of coffee, but without her shoes, careful to catch the screen door before it slammed. This was her special time of morning when the sun was just barely peaking over the mountaintop. She sat down to watch, slowly sipping her coffee as she waited expectantly. The sun rose higher and sunlight splashed intermittently on the rich green of the olive trees. Then, quickly, gloriously, the grove was filled with bright illumination. The red, white and green flag waved breezily in time to the music of sun, olives and wonder. Olivia sighed, “Where’s my phone?”

Jay Heltzer


I’d hate to break my gaze on this beautiful scene just for…phone, swipe…no, what’s my code?…Gah, not that app….now it froze. Great!

I’d rather just stare and gaze and appreciate. You created a gorgeous scene. Well done!

Jay Heltzer


The constant pit in her stomach told her there was no chance of getting him back. She reminisced on their first date, as he presented a single dandelion upon arrival, building upon it with years of exotic bouquets of oriental lillies and dragon’s breath. When he traveled, she looked forward to the late night giggling phone calls, daily summaries interupted by her flirtatious longing. Once married, they would walk together amongst the nearby olive trees, her arm linked in his. Those were the moments she knew what Heaven was like. Her heart aches for Heaven’s new angel, never to return.


## Before Dinner

‘Tonight will be perfect’, she thought, snipping an errant shoot and placing the bonsai tree on the table’s centre. ‘I will be perfect’.

She moved gracefully in her crimson kimono, the dragon emblazoned on its back seemingly in flight. ‘Where are my shoes?’

The fridge glared at her and she retrieved the bottle of olives again, fished one out and popped it in her mouth, smiling bitterly. ‘Yuck’. The absurd cravings amused her, even if frustrated.

Something caught her eye. ‘There you are’. The shoes peeped from beneath the sofa like bashful dandelions.

Her cell phone rang.

‘He’s not coming’.

Jay Heltzer


Such a disappointment. She obviously worked so hard for this. A few questions though:
1. Why is the fridge mad at her, glaring?
2. Who called OR, who said “he’s not coming”. I’m guessing she isn’t by herself.
3. Pregnancy cravings?

I’m still bummed for her though. Nice one Doug.


Hi Doug, is there someone else on the phone or is it her saying “he’s not coming.”? Seems like she might be pregnant and maybe that’s why he’s not showing up. Thought provoking piece. Well done

Tim Hillebrant


It was time to face my dragon , I was alone in the wilderness. Right now, I’d be at home, watching TV. Eating fresh snap peas, popcorn, or stuffed Olives, instead I only had water and dandelion greens. My phone was dead, and my leg broken- going for help was impossible. I sat propped against a tree, my red shirt hung from a branch like a flag in the breeze. Hopefully the circling raven above me, doesn’t know something I don’t.

All but one word used. Phew! What fun that was!!


Love the image of the raven circling, just waiting for a chance to pluck some nice juicy eyeballs. Kind of like stuffed olives for the bird. Sorry, that’s kind of macabre, but the thought crossed my mind. Nice work


(I was inspired to go in a bizarre direction with these words, so I just followed my gut. )

Kelsey shivered as she slipped her feet into specially cobbled tap shoes. The giant curtain ahead muffled the audience’s fervor. She breathed deep.

“Don’t be nervous. It’s not like dragons can’t dance…they just…don’t.”

The MC calmed the audience.

Ravens fluttered in Kelsey’s stomach as she stepped onstage, but once the music started her clawed feet shuffled in fluidic strides across the floor. Her usual cumbersome body floated weightlessly and she spun out on her knees at the song’s final climactic beat.


The audience’s stupor gave way to cheers and Kelsey was pelted with dandelions, delicious olives.


Raven went outdoors, looking at the sunset painting streamers of orange and pink in the sky. She walked up to a colossal maple tree, which rustled in the breezed. The leaves on it shimmered a bright orange, like the glow you’d see if a Dragon breathed fire in front of your eyes. Bordering the thick, milk-chocolate brown trunk were the dandelions, swaying in the breeze as a speck of fuzz withers off sporadically on each one.


Carol Moore


Dragon was a dark mean beast. Raven loved the evil Dragon. He treated her like dirt under his feet. He hung her in a tree and left her flapping her wings. Raven belonged to him, she was his slave, she had no rights, but to be treated like trash. In time she would come to realize that she didn’t need him. She waited for her chance to fly away to be free from his evil hold on her and her babies. The phone rang and he was in jail for blowing up the popcorn factory. And away she flew quickly.

Lisa Doesburg


I opted for shoes instead of open-toed sandals to hide the fact that I had Flintstone feet. You know; big, hairy and ugly. I envied those girls who’s feet looked like they came out of a Disney movie. Grabbing my phone, I hurried to the bathroom mirror to give myself the once over. Smiling, I was horrified to see suspicious looking green stuff in between my teeth. Couldn’t be the popcorn I had last night. Maybe the olives? Or the peas? Just lovely. My hair! Oh my God! It was a frizzy as dandelion fuzz! Screw it, I’m staying home.

Marcia Yearwood


Oh my, so funny! So relatable as well. I read once in a book (imagine that!) that when something similar happened, the protagonist called her girlfriends over to have a “Wine & Whine” party! hehehe

Jay Heltzer


What I loved about this entry was the humorous take on our MC’s insecurity and sarcastic wit. We got more than a snapshot on how her brain works. Also, the chosen words were seamlessly worked in. They were descriptive, without sounding deliberate. Brava!

Anisa Claire


Strands of popcorn dangled from the tree limbs, sprinkled carelessly by the children running to and fro. In the distance, sun-kissed dandelions speckled the fields. A raven screeched a word of warning, perched atop a fence post, as he eyed the olives on the picnic blanket below.

Today the village would celebrate the return of Yarmis, the local dragon. The summer harvest had been a success.

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