Writing Challenge #7

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  1. WRITE: It’s all about Mom! With Mother’s Day coming up, we figured this would be an awesome way for you to write something FOR all the mothers out there. It can be to your own mom or to all mothers in general. Totally up to you.  The word count for this one is less than 150 and the idea is to express what ‘mom’ really means to you. Have fun!

COMMENT: You MUST comment on FOUR other entries to qualify. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified from the challenge. Give and take… Keep the cycle going.

IMPORTANT In order to qualify, you MUST vote for your TOP TWO choices. If you don’t vote, you cannot win this challenge (even if you receive the most votes!). To vote, you need to reply to the email that goes out for the Weekly Challenges. In that email, if you scroll to the bottom, you will see all the information you need to vote for this challenge.You must join our mailing list in order to receive the weekly voting email. 

DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 10th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Voting booth will open for this challenge on Wednesday, May 11th, and the winners will be announced the following Wednesday, May 18th

CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #5… Emily, Dave Allen and Lisa Doesburg!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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Lisa Doesburg


Mind Snap

I stand ant hill small,
beneath the shattered American dream,
while schemes of mad men fill their pockets,
(with my soul.)

Endless coffee shops and sidewalk satire,
I stand guarded against lidded, lying eyes,
obvious intentions, sugar coated smiles.
(You could at least pretend.)

A portrait in prose, single tear obliterating happiness.
Mind left behind in shackled sadness, sleep is never.
Bending backward, breaking, mind snap.
(Or was that yesterday?)

Fear swims shark circles, stalking tomorrows promise of
happiness. Wishing for childlike splendor spent frivolous.
When paper hearts were art, and your home was your castle.
(Once upon a time.)

Marcia Yearwood


I had a blissful childhood which I remember with great fondness. For Mother’s Day:
My Mama was truly a genteel Southern lady! She held herself tall and straight, poised and graceful in everything she did and said. When she talked with you, you felt like you were the most important person in the world. She definitely had a way with making folks feel right at home. If you remember Leave it to Beaver, my Mama was like that mom; she wore a nice dress, heels, pearls, and a fancy apron to cook in, clean house, and even take a walk. My friends called her “classy” and I agreed. My Mama taught me Christian values, character, self-respect as well as respect for others…mostly by her gracious actions. She was the ultimate Godly woman inside and out. I miss her terribly, but one sweet day, I’ll see her again!!


Thank you for loving me.
Through the troubled years
you never let me go.

Your belief and your support,
I felt it always,
took it for granted,
but it was always there
holding me up.

I lost my way
several times a day,
still, you called to me
with your smiles and approval.

I felt you by my side
thousands of miles away,
giving me hope,
encouraging my life
and my choices.

Your life
has never been easy.
You, being the giver,
sacrificing all to keep us warm.
Yearning for peace and love
to come back to you,
before the days have ended,
and memories serve you
no more.

I love you…
for all you’ve given,
for the life you gave away
to keep our family strong.
Your dreams, lost in the shuffle.

Don’t cry.
Don’t weep.
You succeeded far beyond
your belief.

I love you, Mom.
You have shaped the entity
I have become.
Because of you, I am awake
and aware of my own being.

My dreams are your dreams.
We will find them together.

Tim Hillebrant


I think this was a wonderful piece, Becky.
Mother-all the best mothers I know give their all for their children. And they do so in ways that redefines the term, or in ways that don’t fit any definition.
Worrying about us, their children, from before we’re born until the moment comes where they return to their sacred spot in Heaven. I don’t think we as children always really know the sacrifices they’ve made for us. The tears cried, or the pride shown in the things we’ve done, or the people we become.
Your mother has a lot to be proud of, my friend.

Well done!


Thank you so much, Tim. I feel helpless to find a way to return all the love that was given to me from my Mom. She isn’t really able to respond or think normally anymore. I enjoy the moments when I can slightly bring her out of her funk. Playing Yahtzee usually does it….lol

Marcia Yearwood


I know exactly what you mean Rebecca! My Mama had dementia in later life, but occasionally, there were her lucid moments that made the sad moments even more bearable cause they were so delightful! Once the music director at the nursing home announced “Turn to page 312, ‘I’ll Fly Away,” My Mama looked up, stuck her finger in the air and said, “And I’ll fly back!!”

Scott Zitrick


It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! T’is concludes another perfectly wonderful season of the world’s most sacred pastime of all, that being the fast-paced and relentless responsibility sport of Motherhood! Each year we are all amazed that every season is always equally as great as the last, and it is now time to count the ballots in the box to announce the annual award…

…and after final tally and review we have a stunning yet not so surprising result to declare…WE HAVE A TIE!

Congratulations to you MOM, yes you mom and this mom and that mom and every mom that is a mom reading this or not reading this now. Each of you have taken first place for receipt of this blessed honor, this weightless trophy that is simply an automatic award acknowledgment that you are in fact the winner!

You are in fact the Most Obvious Miracle!!!
Thank you MOM!!!
All of us love all of you!!!

Marcia Yearwood


Refreshing! It’s a Win-Win situation; all Moms get the award. A whole lot better than the “my Mom’s better than your Mom” sentiment, right?

Tim Hillebrant


“Mother is the word for God on the lips of children.”
Who gives us birth, tends to us, helps us grow, feeds us and nurtures us until into the world we go.
Their love is unconditional, we know it from the start. Their guiding hands they help us, even when far apart.
A mother’s love, is all it’s cracked up to be, I’m proud to say my mother, is the woman who helped shape me.

The line is quotes is taken from the movie, “The Crow” starring the late Brandon Lee.
I added it because I thought it fitting here, and it helps to set my little poem on the right tone.

Scott Zitrick


I really like your crow-flow! Where there is a mother, there is a child in need, let’s choose to be there for each other.
#RealLoveIsForever #ItCantRainAllTheTime


Moms are the ones who love you without question, even when you do dumb things. Mom=LOVE and acceptance and support. You are the light we carry under our hearts for nine months. You are our light.

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