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  1. WRITE: 150 words about anything you want. It can be either a complete flash fiction piece OR a vignette. The winner? Will be paid and published in A Long Story Short Magazine. Exciting, right? Check out our pay schedule for accepted publications here: http://alongstoryshort.net/submissions/

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CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #3… Doug Langille, Dave Allen and Jay Heltzer!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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“I will not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty,” I told myself throughout the ride downtown. We long ago made amends and moved on. The past was buried.

The mortician said she was in back. I thought he meant a back room, but she was on a hallway table, halfway down, a blanket pulled up to her neck. My knees buckled and my left arm shot out to the wall for balance. Two more steps and I passed out. I’m not sure how long I was out, but came to bawling until I gasped for breath. Eventually I pushed myself up and stumbled towards her.

I kissed her forehead. Her skin was fresh from embalming, waxy and cold.

I told myself I wouldn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t guilty. But looking down at her, my hand trembling as I stroked her hair, all I could whisper was “I’m sorry.”


There’s definitely a story here. I wonder what happened to the woman… It’s like the MC is not surprised, but I don’t think it’s his fault. Guilt comes in many forms, and I think his is in his heart. You really make us wonder what happened!

Jay Heltzer


Marjorie Johnson didn’t take sass from anyone, especially cocky twenty year old office clerks like Sarah. However, when Sarah sat down, crossed her legs, and reclined back, Ms. Johnson dug in.

“Sarah, I have to fire you. You frequently exhibit insubordination, which greatly hurts discipline and order…”

“…and yet I’m still here” followed Sarah.

“It needs to stop. You’ve become a distraction.”

“When you stop, I’ll stop.”

Confused, Marjoried asked “What do you mean?”

“I have accounting files from February through March-” Sarah started.

“So?” Marjorie interrupted.

Sarah’s Mona Lisa-like, enigmatic grin grew as she finished her statement “2013 to 2016”.

Their eyes jockeyed for a dominant position, as the elder office superior was losing ground, fast!

“Where are my files?”

“Secured away.”

“Can we deal?”

Sarah waited a beat, smiled, uncrossed her legs, stood up, and walked out, saying over her shoulder “No deal!”


I heard a howl in the distance. I had to get out of here, or they would be upon me soon. I ran through the bushes, the trees, the twigs snapping, trying to find my way out of this forest maze. The woods were deep and dark and menacing. I kept running, noticing a clearing up ahead. The howls were getting closer. I used every last ounce of energy to get there. Then, I saw the glowing red eyes running toward me, and in the clearing there were a hundred more, waiting to devour my soul.



The stage boards creak; I shift my feet, spell the word I-N-V-I-S-I-B-L-E.
I remember to breathe. I search the crowd of proud parent faces. She still has time; she could show.
Sara-Louise spells her word, P-R-I-V-E-L-E-G-E, incorrect, even with new shoes and hair ribbon. I look down and see a cigarette burn in my skirt.
She said she’d come, she had only been a little drunk then. She could still see me; she still had time.
Next one is hard, A-P-P-E-R-C-E-P-T-I-O-N. I see a shadow sneaking in the back, trying not to disturb. I almost forget the second P because I can smell her dollar store perfume. She is here. She will see me win the bee.
I hold a blue ribbon in my hand, when the shadow steps onto the stage. The social worker wears the same perfume, coming to tell me I won’t see Mama no more.

Carol Moore


The phone rings, I answer it, “Hello!” the voice said “I am St. Peter, God has granted you fifteen minutes to talk to anyone you want to. I am shocked.
I asked “Anyone?”
“Yes! anyone.”
“May I speak to Jesus?”
“I am connecting you now.”
Jesus answers, Carol, “What questions do you have for me today?”
“Do you know when the world will end?”
“No only our Father knows that.”
“Why is it important for us to forgive others?” I asked.
In Matthew 6:14-15 I say “For if you forgive people their wrongdoing, your heavenly Father will forgive you as well. But if you don’t forgive people, your Father will not forgive your wrongdoing.”
Our time is up, Carol I love you. And I will be seeing you before you know it, just stay in the Word.
“I love you too my Lord.”

Lisa Doesburg


The classroom fell silent as their visitor wheeled herself painstakingly slow, into the classroom. Her gnarled, rheumatic fingers were barely able to move the wheelchair.

“Class, please welcome Miss Evelyn Lavigna, the last known survivor, to our room,” Mrs. Delerosa announced, “She’s here today to speak with us and show us rare photos in hologram form.”

After the clapping died down, Evelyn started the hologram casting. The classroom gasped with wonder and awe as the room turned into a lush, green forest filled with the sounds of exotic birds and the roaring of a majestic waterfall. Incredible antlered creatures dipped their head gracefully in a clear pool of water created by the falls. In another hologram, huge animals with flowing manes and tails galloped across golden plains of wheat and a large bird Miss Lavigna called a ‘Bald Eagle’, soared effortlessly overhead searching for prey.

“I remember Earth,” she began…

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Lisa!

Boy, you paint a picture very well- I was out viewing stuff like this yesterday, and it’s like you copied the imagery from my head. Very nicely done!

Tim Hillebrant


I could feel myself coming awake, as I noticed the stifling heat, the pain in my head, and the smell of something unfamiliar around me. My eyes opened to a dimly lit gloom. It took a moment for them to focus, and when they did, the sight before me cleared away any remaining wisps of unconsciousness.
Two huge eyes stared at me, and I could tell I was being studied, even as I was now studying the dragon before me. It’s scales reflected light from the burning orange glow of molten rock a few feet away. Wisps of steam wafted up from a pool of water, which sat very near a nest containing an egg. It was when I noticed the egg, marbled green in color, the beast spoke to me.
“That is all that is left of my young. One egg.”
The dragon’s tone was neither accusing nor angry. She simply stated a fact.
“I’m sorry,” I proffered, not knowing what else to say.
“Why did you save him, human? Your kind has long sought to destroy mine. Our paths have ever crossed violently, what gave you cause to defend my young with your life?”
Is that why I was here? It slowly came back to me. The gang of thieves, on their horses, trying to get away with stealing the eggs of the dragon. They’d be worth a lot to the king.
Their magic force-bound to him, only to serve his will. It wasn’t right.
Even as I thought this, I could feel her in my mind, gently probing and, I think, both happy and surprised by the train my thoughts had taken.
“You have saved the life of my young, and in doing so, saved your own. Yet your courage and self sacrifice should be rewarded.”
Leaning slowly forward, I felt her mind join with mind, even as the tip of her snout just brushed my brow, “From this day forward, you will be marked and known as a dragon-friend. The road will be harsh, and more difficult than you can imagine, but so too shall the rewards. When you leave this cave, you will not be the human you were when you entered it. You will be more. You will have such powers as those who keep your legends have never known. But beware, human, of this: Power is the most seductive of enchantresses. There will be those who will seek to manipulate you, or to bring you under their control. If you use the power I give you with the same heart you possessed when you saved my young, you’ll do well.

Okay, Okay, a bit over 150 words. But once I started, I wanted to finish. LOL. What can I say? The prompt inspired me.


Dragon stories are always good especially with seductive powers. It always pays to thwart poachers of eggs… i don’t mean egg poachers as in cooks and breakfast… Dah! You know what I mean. A fantastic fabulous fantasy! And a good alliteration.


I really love this! You know I love dragon stories….lol What makes this unique is how the dragon can read his mind and thoughts, and that she gives him power. There is a long story in this, Tim. You could stretch this out to any length you wish!

Write On!


From ‘Mercy’ book 2

“You want to play another game booth?”

“No, thanks. You go ahead.” Demetrius wore a wry smile, then watched Jessica as she jogged to her kid brother. He tucked his hands in the pockets of his Wrangler denim jeans, observing the two of them laughing and playing the ‘Clown Splash’ game.

Demetrius took an inhale of the humid night air and blinked slowly, a dreamy smile curving his lips. Something urged him in his heart. He needed to say and ask her something important, something that could change their lives forever. But he felt awkward. Besides, he hadn’t spoken to her father yet, not to mention he didn’t know exactly how Jessica felt about him. All he knew was that she thought was smart, handsome, and sensitive, but who knows? Maybe she was just being nice because they’re friends. Well . . . there was only one way to find out.

(147 words)

Carol Moore


I can’t wait to see what her answer is. 🙂


It’s a bit of a ways from that, Carol, but things do get more personal. The secret gets out in the Savage family, and practically everyone knows Demetrius is in love with Jessica. His older brothers urge him to just tell her he loves her already, but he doesn’t want o seem to hasty after she just got out of therapy. Jessica however tells Phoebe (Demetrius’ little sister) that she loves him. I think I’ll finally have them come forward in book 4, ‘Courage’ especially when Jessica faced with a her friend Zoey’s abusive fiance. Russell is not joke and pushes women around al the time.



Wow, I am intrigued 🙂 Where is the rest of this tale? Is it on the site? Or somewhere else?


Thanks, Emily. This story hasn’t been posted yet, but I’m posting the first book 1 ‘Wisdom’ of my series on the site. It introduces Demetrius and his family, Jessica, and other characters and tells their background stories before this one. The Savages are a pretty big family. Demetrius is the youngest but tallest son of the Savages as is mentioned in my book ‘Wisdom.’

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