Writing Challenge #40

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  1. WRITE:  Describe an objection without using its name. Write this description as though it would be in a story, rather than a dictionary definition. In other words, bring it to life with your words!

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CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #38… JAY HELTZER placed FIRST and won the journal and pen! Congrats, Jay!  Congrats to Lloyd Poast for taking second and Dave Allen for placing third!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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Mary Cooney-Glazer


“Are you serious? You have to cancel tonight? Have you any idea what these tickets cost?”

“John, you knew from the time we started dating that occasionally obligations to my patients would interfere with our plans.”

“Yes, Elinor, but you could have one of the other nurses do this. It’s not like you’re the only person who’s available.”

“Mrs. Callahan was one of the first people to use my Nurse Concierge service. She has no family, her friends are dead, and now, she’s dying. I need to be with her.”

“OK, then. Your work is more important than I am.”

John, you’re very important. But trying to make someone’s death a bit less terrifying takes priority over using an expensive theater ticket tonight.”

“Well then, that’s that Elinor.” She heard him disconnect the call.

Mary Cooney-Glazer


I MADE A BIG MISTAKE HERE! Realized it after editing window over. Elinor would never have disclosed her patient’s name to John. That would be a violation of confidentiality. My apologies….I do know better. Mary


That was it,enough was enough. The manager appealed for time and approached the plate umpire. How can you call that he exploded. The umpire looked him square in the face and asked determinedly “are you really querying my call”. The manager looked into the cold staring eyes and thinking better of the situation he turned his back and walked toward the dugout.

Mary Cooney-Glazer


Like this ‘discretion is the better part…..’ scene Craig. Well written slice of frustration.


“I needed ya here, Claude. Why did you leave?” Marley’s weathered face scrunched up. “The farm’s gonna be yours one day.”

“Pop,” Claude turned around and flattened his hands on the desk. “Farming’s not for me. I feel guilty as hell letting you down, but I’m a sous chef, not a farmer.”

“Yer a cook!”

“Sell the farm. Do not leave it to me!”

Mary Cooney-Glazer


Good dialogue. Patricia. Would like to see a longer story about this situation. Nice writing.

Carol Moore


After their seven children were in school he asked her “Hey Babe let’s have another baby?” She glared at him with the look and walked away.

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