Writing Challenge #39

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  1. WRITE:  Write a scene showing timidness in a character. No more than 200 words. Show us through action, rather than telling.

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CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #37… Mary Cooney-Glazer, Tim Hillebrant and Lina Rehal!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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The movie blared from the speaker dangling inside the driver’s side door, drowning out the noise of the car’s engine and heater. A thin frost maintained a valiant battle along the windshield’s edges. Ronnie gripped the wheel with both hands, eyes staring through the glass at Ed Wood’s latest.

“Is it too loud?” he asked straight ahead. “I can turn the sound down, if you want. Or up, either way.”

Peggy Sue scooted left across the seat until her shoulder was nestled against Ronnie’s. “I’m cold,” she cooed. “Keep me warm.”

“Umm, I think the heater’s up as high as it can go,” he answered, his hands still glued to the wheel. “If you want, I can go to the concession stand and get you a hot chocolate.”

She stared up at Ronnie for several seconds, mouth slightly agape, before speaking. “You know what? I’ll get it myself,” she snapped, sliding back to the right and out her door, slamming it behind her.

Ronnie stared ahead, eyes not quite focused on the screen. He finally closed his eyes and rested his forehead on the wheel. “Damn, damn, damn… he whispered to himself.

Mary Cooney-Glazer


You’ve shown the ultimate angst of teenaged dating in the old days of drive-ins, Dave. I immediately wondered how Ronnie worked up the courage to ask Peggy Sue for a date. His timidity and confusion are so well done. This is a sentimental and appealing write.

Carol Moore


The man and woman saw each other every day. They flirted and smiled at each other, but neither of them had the nerve to say what was really on their minds. They had normal conversations. She would look at him and think. “Do you know how much I like you?” Then she didn’t have the nerve to ask him. She wondered did he feel the same way. He acted like he did, but didn’t say it. She loved his smile.

Kerry Hernandez


She knew that he was wild and primal in every sense of the word just by sitting back and watching him by the way he moved fluidly and acted with the people that surrounded him. His beast called to hers with a alluring and sensual call that she desperately tried to shake off. She knew that there was no way to catch his attention while he was surrounded by those beautiful and more vibrant women and even if he was alone it would be almost questionable. One by one each of those women went their own way and finally left him alone. He looked around and immediately caught her eyes and strolled ever so silently to her. She tried to sink back deeper into the shadows that ever so slightly concealed her in hopes that he was not really heading her way. But oh no those fickle fates have done it again she mused. As he stood before her in all of his primal glory all sensible thoughts were completely and totally ripped from her to be able to say one simple word….

Mary Cooney-Glazer


This is a lady who is very sensual as well as somewhat shy. Love the ‘ beasts’ calling to each other! Really want to know what happens with these two.
Nice write, Kerry.

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