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  1. WRITE:  Oh, no! Someone has kidnapped Santa and Christmas is in jeopardy. Write either a flash fiction story, no more than 300 words, or a poem, as many stanzas as you would like, telling us all what happened. Fingers crossed Santa is returned safely and without too many missing cookies!

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CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #31… RissRyker, Claudine S. and Michele Hinton.


Have fun!

Author Notes

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Twas the night before Christmas
And Santa was missing, even his sleigh!
What’ll happen to the presents?
Elf Team will rescue, will make it okay.

The good boys and girls were sleeping
All cuddled in bed
The Elf Team made sure they weren’t peeking
As they searched high and low.

Then low and behold
Twas Santa they spied
Found him kissing Ms. Santa
And they laughed till they cried.

We found Santa! Elves shouted
From the rooftops, so high
Good kids never doubted
Santa is found and Christmas is nigh!


Where is Santa? No one can find him in the North Pole. Oh my!, I hope he’s okay and we have time to prepare the sleigh and the reindeers. The kids will be disappointed and no cheer. Hopefully, Santa will arrive and all of the good kids get their presents with a smile. Children don’t worry, Santa will not let you down, all of the nice kids is his favorites. Santa come back quick or some people will start to feel sick. Maybe he’s taking a vacation at a secret location.


Officer Smith tried his best to calm down the franticly crying woman. It wasn’t working.

“He’s been kidnapped, you moron!” she screamed at the cop, sweeping several toys and wrapping paper rolls off a workbench. “He flies out in a week – he’d never leave this close to Christmas!” She held her head in her hands and wailed.

Smith looked around. “We have to be logical here, Ma’am. There’s been no sign of a struggle. No notes, no phone calls. If somebody wanted a ransom, we’d have known by now. Any his… ummm, vehicle…

“It’s called a sleigh,” she snapped.

“Ok, Sleigh. And you say several employees…”

“Elves,” she sighed.

“Elves. Fine. They’re gone also. So they might just be out at an office Christmas party…”

“Listen to me, you idiot.” They don’t do Christmas parties. They ARE Christmas. Santa. Elves. Sleighs. Toys. Look around. You’ve worked here long enough to know the score. He doesn’t break until after the 25th. Now get off your ass and do something! Mrs. Clause turned around and stormed out of the workshop, leaving a flustered Smith alone to consider the situation.

Meanwhile, at a strip club near the Yukon Airport, a large, older gentleman and several tiny men and woman huddle around a dirty table, watching Mrs. Clause berate a police officer through a holographic snowglobe. The large man chucked and mumbled “stupid bitch” under his breath, just loud anough for the elves to hear. They laughed.

A nude, nubile waitress leaned over Santa’s shoulder to distribute drinks. “Anything else, big boy?” She asked suggestively.

“Drinks on the house,” he yelled, cheers shaking around the bar like a bowlful of jelly. He downed a shot of Kentucky’s finest, slammed down the glass and shouted “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Anisa Claire


**This was about all my brain could muster after the crazy month that was November! Lol**

Santa lounged in his peppermint-coloured speedos, basking in the sun. He’d decided to go on vacation before the Christmas rush started, and one of his favourite places was a lost little island nobody knew about called the Melted Candy.

Little did Santa know, Mrs. Claus had actually been planning her attack. She was tired of always being in the background, never the shining star delivering all the presents to the children around the world. So she hired a rogue gang of elves to snatch Santa off his beach.

Fight as Santa might, he couldn’t battle of the battle-hardened elves who’d spent much of their lives in the darkest, coldest wastelands of the North Pole. Their teeth, sharp as razors, bit into his ankles as he screamed out for his one, true love…

There was only one thing he could do, with what little power remained within him, and that was to summon someone far worse than the elves… His good old buddy, The Easter Bunny. He knew he would owe him dearly, and likely be paying off the debt for hundreds of years to come, but he had no other choice. Santa swallowed his pride and made the magical call.

Within seconds, the Easter Bunny fell from the skies, crashing down in front of Santa’s prison. Five furious kicks and one magnificent uppercut later, the Easter Bunny had flattened all the horrid elves.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus made up and Mrs. Claus promised to never have Santa kidnapped again. Mr. Claus also promised to take Mrs. Claus with him more on public appearances. Christmas was saved and all the children of the world rejoiced, but Santa lived in fear each and every day, just waiting to find out what the Easter Bunny had in store for him.


I need to know. Did Santa fire the rogue elves? Did they survive the Easter Bunny attack at all? If so, are they drawing unemployment? Enquiring minds want to know!

Good write, Anisa – hilarious! And loved the vicious little elves.

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