Writing Challenge #31

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  1. WRITE:  With the time falling back an hour this weekend, how about writing a flash fiction piece OR poem about time travel? Should be fun!

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CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #29… Travis Baribeau, Kim Bussey and Tim Hillebrant!


Have fun!

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“What??!! You’re telling me this is the DeLorean that was in Back to the Future? No way. You think I was born yesterday dude? Come on, tell me the real story.”
“Well…Josh, that’s what I was told but like you I don’t believe it. But it’s a nice thing to tell the ladies,” Jered chuckled.
“Dude, ‘the ladies,’ Josh air quoted, “as you say won’t believe you any more than I do. Let’s take this baby for a drive.”
Josh lost no time jumping into the passenger seat and checking out the interior as Jered started the engine. The red and silver interior seemed in pretty good condition for a car this old. And the instrument panel was really unusual; wonder what it looked like when it was lit up. Josh tried to remember how the DeLorean panel looked in the movie. As best he could recall, this one was a pretty good imitation of the Back to the Future car.
“Wow, listen to her purr, man!” Josh said appreciatively.
“Here we go.” Jered gunned it and the DeLorean’s tires squealed as she surged forward.
Jered grinned from ear to ear as he glanced over at Josh hanging on to the grab bar. “Scared man? I feel the need…the need for speed!!”
“Man, it really flies! How ‘bout letting me drive it sometime Jered?”
“Sure Josh, in fact I was thinking maybe we could take a road trip this weekend.”
Josh grinned, “Works for me, can I drive now? There’s parking lot on the right. See it?”
“Yep!” as Jered pulled in, Josh was already unbuckling his seat belt. “You in a hurry dude? Maybe I changed my mind.”
“No man! Don’t do that to me!” Josh flipped up the driver door and tried to pull Jered out.
“Ok, ok, I’m getting out! Be sure to adjust the seat for your long legs dude.”
Josh adjusted the seat, checked the mirrors and turned the lights on. The unusual instrument panel lit up like a Christmas tree. “Wow will you look at that? It looks just like the movie!”
He couldn’t resist the flashing lights and without thinking pushed one. All of a sudden, the DeLorean turned itself on, did a 360 degree turn and raced down the highway. The car steadily gained speed until at 80 mph, it made a strange loud noise that sounded like airplane tires being folded up.
“Wait what’s happening? What was that noise? Are we in the air? No it can’t be! I got no control over this thing!” Josh said as he wildly tried to turn the steering wheel, “Jered? Did you know that this would happen? Are we headed back to the future? Jered? Jered, man, say something!”
Jered’s eyes stared straight ahead without seeing as he white-knuckled the grab bar for dear life. He was too scared to even speak. Josh thought Jered must be in shock.
It appeared they were on their road trip a little earlier than planned…and in the air no less!

Kim Bussey


Put two males, young or old, in a snazzy car like a DeLorean and speed will always get the best of them. I like that you ended it with the reader wondering ‘when’ they were.


“I wish I could go back in time,” I mumbled to myself as I leaned on the stones of the wishing well. “I’d do things differently.” I threw my penny in just like many people do to tag their hopes on an impossibility.

“What would you do?” a voice said behind me.

I was startled to say the least. I turned around and saw an old man with a long, gray beard. He was wearing a tattered blue coat and one of his tennis shoes had a hole at the toe. He approached and lean on the stones beside me. He smiled. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

The old man looked harmless enough and I returned his smiled. “Oh, you know, save money, avoid my bad decisions, not gain the fifty pounds around my mid-section and stay away from the Mr. Wrongs I’ve been attracted to – especially the last Mr. Wrong.”

The old man chuckled lightly. “Would you give me a dollar if I could make that wish come true?”

It was an original line for a panhandler, but the way he looked, he could use a little more than a dollar. “Sir, if I could start over, I’d give you twenty dollars.”

“Done!” the man said.

I laughed, reached into my purse and gave him the twenty. I considered it my good deed for the day. He then told me that when I woke the next morning, my wish would come true.

When evening came, I crawled into bed, thinking nothing of that silly wish and soon I was sound asleep. But when morning came, I heard a familiar voice; one I hadn’t heard in years. I opened my eyes and saw my mother’s face staring down into mine.

“Hello, my precious,” she said, and then she picked me up.

“Oh my gosh! Mom!” I exclaimed. But the only thing that came out of my mouth were the gurgles and coos of a baby. My wish had come true. My life had started over. I sighed as I lay my head on my mother’s shoulder and thought, Maybe I should have just given him a dollar, and I wouldn’t have gone back this far. I sighed and remembered the old saying, be careful what you wish for.



Shaddaad Omar walked around the giant device in awe. It was finished. The greatest ‘time scoop’ ever built. With the help of five of the top Muslim scientists in Eastern Syria and some inside help in the US, after five long years it was ready to be tested on the dogs of America. Praise be to Allah. The terrorist group, a branch of ISIS, built it under Cascade Lake, only sixty-nine miles from the White House.

“Is it ready, Najeem?” he asked his second in command, “Are the Jihadist’s ready?”

“Yes, Praise be to Allah,” Najeem answered, “Waiting for the command.”

“Send them through,” Shaddaad answered, “How close must they be to bring the things back?”

“Close enough to die.”

“So be it.”


“Mommy, there’s dinosaur outside!” five-year-old Kevin Kosinski told his mother as he stood at his bedroom window.

“Honey, no more imagination, it’s time to get ready for school,” his mother chided, making up his bed.

“No, really mommy, look!” he insisted, pointing, “It’s coming towards the house and it’s BIG! I’m scared, mommy!”

Jennifer went to the window and screamed in horror as a Tyrannosaurus Rex smashed through their fence, snatched their family dog and swallowed it down in one bloody bite.

“What’s happening!” she shrieked, “How is this happening?”

“Mommy! Shhhh! He’ll hear us!” Kevin said, pulling her away from the window.

But as Jennifer watched, she saw more dinosaurs, all carnivorous, attacking everything living they could find. From Kevin’s window was a perfect view of the White House and circling above it, were over a hundred Pterodactyl, each with forty foot wing spans diving and snatching people up like they were rabbits.

Snapping out of her stupor, she grabbed her cell, her son, and ran to the basement for her rifle. She wondered if she were still dreaming, but knew this was impossibly real. Her and Kevin would hunker down in the basement for a while.


Baaqir and Mahdi set the Time Scoop on a radius of 1,609.344 meters and hit the scoop button while yelling “Allah Akbar!”. The men, and whatever creature was within the radius, was transported back through the time/space continuum. Upon arrival, the creatures instantly tore them to pieces, fleeing in all different directions. Raptors by the dozens, as they hunted in packs, snakes as long as buses, and the most terrible, three Spinosaurus’; the largest carnivores that ever lived on Earth.

As the President issued a declaration of emergency, the Secretary of Defense activated a Response Task Force team to evaluate and document the threat, which in turn helped to make the decision on how to best handle it. In this case, total annihilation was the only answer. He’d heard rumors of a time machine, but this was something different. Something incomprehensible and terrible, and he wondered if this was it, until he saw a blip on the radar under Cascade Lake.

“I found you, you son’s a bitches.”

Time for a world of hurt.

Tim Hillebrant


Very nicely done, Ryss! I loved the action to the piece.
A few years ago, there was this show- a quasi drama/documentary, where a guy went back in time with people for the purpose of making a dinosaur zoo. Each episode featured a different couple dinos, and told about them and what we know about them.
It was kinda cool. Your write here reminds me of that show. Nicely done!


The sunshine glistened on my face
As I rode through time and  space.
The rickety sleigh made its way
Over roof top, pass ceasars bay.
Then we came to the sweet shop
Where the grey mare made a stop.
We had few sips of honey dew
Then sled through the misty blue.
Not before long we were in heaven
We left at six ; it was now eleven.
Mama look so fresh and young
Ageless, timeless as a song.
I told her how I missed her so
How life had knocked me to a fro.
She kissed  and hugged me very tight
And we had  dinner by starlight.
The cheesy moon was on display
Jupitar ,Orion and the Milky way.
My child you must return to earth
With dancing death you shouldn’t flirt
I opened my eyes only to see
My puffy pillow next to me.

Tim Hillebrant


All my life, I’ve been told there’s no such thing as magic. Except I knew differently. I knew it in my gut as a child, and only confirmed it as I got older and experienced things that were beyond strange.
That was nothing, however, compared to being caught in that odd storm, way out in the desert. I knew I was in trouble when lightning struck the ground, and the energy sizzled through the thousands of crystals scattered in the field of stones where I stood. In an instant, I was thrown several dozen yards, hitting my head and passing out right where I landed. When I opened my eyes, I knew I was not only in a different place, but a different time as well.
Men clad in medieval armor stood over me, one poking at me with the tip of his spear, saying something that sounded oddly like German or maybe Swedish. He jabbed me again, and I sat up. The men around me fell into a defensive posture, weapons held at the ready. One thing I knew in that moment without even having to be told. Getting home again was going to be something of a problem, and that’s if I can somehow get out of this mess with these warriors surrounding me. My stomach fell as I realized my deep troubles. What do I do now?

Kim Bussey


Hey!!! I’m waiting to see what you do now. Don’t get me involved in a good yarn then leave me hanging. That’s just plan mean! Seriously, this is a good start to a story or even a novel.

Mary Cooney-Glazer


Ok, Tim, you’ve done it again. This is a tantalizing beginning to what sounds like a wonderful adventure. The tone reflects someone who is used to being in unusual situations. Beautiful bit of understatement when he, or maybe she, muses about getting home being a big problem. Looking forward to more. Mary

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