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  1. WRITE:  It’s almost HALLOWEEN! Exciting, right? ‘Tis the season for ghouls, pumpkins and spooky things, so to celebrate… this week’s challenge is to write a Halloween-themed poem. It can be silly, spooky, cute or anything else you decide it should be. Limit of twenty lines.

 Have fun!

2. COMMENT: You MUST comment on FOUR other entries to qualify. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified from the challenge. Give and take… Keep the cycle going.

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4. DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 18th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Voting booth will open for this challenge on Wednesday, October 19th, and the winners will be announced the following Wednesday, October 26th.

CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #26… Rebecca Braun, Patricia Crandall and Michele Hinton!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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Way out of my comfort zone here; it’s pretty silly.

A pumpkin sat in the pumpkin patch
Waiting for his chance to come
When would someone pick him
And take him to their home.

He’ll make a good jack o lantern
Shining brightly in the dark
He’ll illuminate the front porch
As the kids come from the park.

This tale has a happy ending
Cause a boy chose him for the one
They had a great time carving him
And cheered when they were done.

Tim Hillebrant


The Return of The Nightstalker

I am come at last, it’s been a year
Returned to you, preying upon your fears.
Upon flesh I feast, and it’s blood I drink.
Slightly sweetened with terror’s reek.
I find my prey, some hapless girl.
Like the wind I come, claws unfurled.
Her skin it rips, as her throat I tear.
Death becomes her, as she becomes aware.
She’s not my first, nor will be my last.
I am he, that one from ages past.
I am the terror, the night unseen.
I stalk the night, this time each year.
Don’t try to hide, nor hide your fear.
I walk among you, you’ve felt me pass.
It might be you, who’s my next repast.

**Some of you might remember the old Writer’s Carnival when I wrote the The Nightstalker. It was even published in a Halloween issue of Reader’s Carnival.
This is the sequel to that poem.**

Anisa Claire



This autumn moon gives birth to flight
Upon the wings of death
Darkling’s claim this hallowed night
They’ll steal your every breath

They come to feast upon your dreams
They know your every fear
Throughout the night, you’ll hear the screams
So keep your loved ones near

Whispers in the cool night air
They dance the Devil’s tune
Make a wish, say a prayer
They’re coming for you soon

So, as you settle in tonight
Prepare for your own sake
Make sure you turn on every light
… and be sure to stay awake



like spiky teeth,
Skeleton bones
rattle beneath.
A black cat stretches
across Willa Witch’s hearth
where skulls are brewed
and crossbones stewed
by this Uzbekistan,
wart nosed sorceress!


My Sister

I saw Dracula
Kissing up my sister
Soon there was a blister
Right upon her “lipster”
Halloween’s gone
Now my sister is a Hipster
To Dracula
She gave the “flipster”
and the bird flapped its wings
The ungrateful Mister
Who gave Gonorrhea
To my sister


This little poem was given birth by a commercial I just saw on the internet warning people about Halloween party “hook-ups” and getting some kind of venereal disease…lol BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, FOLKS!


Becky, This poem is entertaining and informative at the same time. Good luck in the contest. Congratulations on your recent win.


“entertaining and informative” who could ask for more??? lol I was hit with that outrageous commercial and then knew I wanted to write a poem for the challenge at the same time, so I went with it, Baby! Hahahahaha!

Congrats to you on your second place win for the last WW, Patricia. 🙂

Carol Moore


Tom was a ghoul
Who made every woman a fool
He thought he was cool
He broke all the rules
Stole all their jewels
Sat them on stools
Only to find he was the fool.


Halloween is here to stay
All the kids come out to play
Lollies for you lollies for me
Lollies as far as the eye can see
Outrageous costumes donned for the night
Worn in the hope of causing a fright
Evil goblins and witches galore
Even mad doctors covered in gore
Night time is fun time at Halloween

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