Writing Challenge #22

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  1. WRITE:  Write a limerick (AABBA).  Keep it semi-p.g. and have fun!

Example of a limerick…

There was a young rustic named Mallory,
who drew but a very small salary.
When he went to the show,
his purse made him go
to a seat in the uppermost gallery.

Read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limerick_(poetry)

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2. COMMENT: You MUST comment on FOUR other entries to qualify. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified from the challenge. Give and take… Keep the cycle going.

3. IMPORTANT In order to qualify, you MUST vote for your TOP TWO choices. If you don’t vote, you cannot win this challenge (even if you receive the most votes!). To vote, you need to reply to the email that goes out for the Weekly Challenges. In that email, if you scroll to the bottom, you will see all the information you need to vote for this challenge.

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4. DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 23rd at 11:59 p.m. PST. Voting booth will open for this challenge on Wednesday, August 24th, and the winners will be announced the following Wednesday, August 31st.

CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #20… Craig Lincoln, Claudine S. and Jay Heltzer!


Have fun!

Author Notes

83 Comments for “Writing Challenge #22”

charles stone


My passion can’t be tame.
I’m drawn like a moth to flame.
She’s hot and she’s cold.
She’s mild and she’s bold.
Black coffee is her name.


my tribute to new years

It’s January the oneth
beginning of the years first month
so lets have this new start
strip the old one apart
and party like this every month

John Perez


Come and tell me of your story so far
Were you have been and where you are
All those you have come to meet
Those you know, more you’ll greet
We live but one life where you’re the leading star


Come have a cuppa tea
She said to me
I’d rather have coffee
Or maybe some toffee
But how could I turn down her plea?


Nice one Marcia but all the lines rhyme a limerick should be AA BB A a nice effort though cheers


Thanks Craig. I really thought I did it correctly. I wrote quite a few different ones to practice. Tea & me & plea rhyme and then coffee & toffee rhyme with each other. Tea doesn’t rhyme with coffee does it? Not to me. Sorry I guess I just don’t get it. I’m not trying to be contrary cause I really do want to learn. Can you explain further please?


No Marcia I see where you are coming from with the EE sound of tea, me , plea and the FEE sound of coffee and toffee but to me it is still ending in EE, that’s why I made my comment about the same ending for each line. You are probably correct in saying they differ and thus using those in your limerick. I just prefer to make sure there is a difference between the two sounds to emphasize the rhyme is all. I liked where you went with the limerick aside from that.


The house on Capitol Hill
A perfect nest for Bill.
With hot shapely interns
To make a man’s head turn.
Yet Hillary will not heed still!

Carol Moore


There was an old man from Mashantucket
Who got his foot stuck in a bucket.
It was trapped,
and capped.
He said chuck it.

Tim Hillebrant


There once was a boy named Luke
Whose force powers were not just a fluke
His daddy was Vader
Who led Stormtrooper raiders
And whose Death Star was worse than a nuke.


Everyone around me plays Pokemon Go
So I figured it best to go with the flow
With tired legs
I hatched some eggs
Fad’ll be done with the winter snow

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