Writing Challenge #21

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  1. WRITE:  Write a scene between two characters, no more than 150 words, where one person is manipulating the other. Show, don’t tell.

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2. COMMENT: You MUST comment on FOUR other entries to qualify. If you do not, your entry will be disqualified from the challenge. Give and take… Keep the cycle going.

3. IMPORTANT In order to qualify, you MUST vote for your TOP TWO choices. If you don’t vote, you cannot win this challenge (even if you receive the most votes!). To vote, you need to reply to the email that goes out for the Weekly Challenges. In that email, if you scroll to the bottom, you will see all the information you need to vote for this challenge. You must join our mailing list in order to receive the weekly voting email. 

4. DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 16th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Voting booth will open for this challenge on Wednesday, August 17th, and the winners will be announced the following Wednesday, August 24th.

CONGRATULATIONS: To the winners of Challenge #19… Mary Cooney-Glazer, Lina Rehal and Tim Hillebrant!


Have fun!

Author Notes

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“Grandma, can we go to the amusement park today? asked Ali.

“Not today, dear. I don’t have much money this week. I thought we’d go to the park. You can ride on the swings. We’ll go for ice cream later. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Sure. I like ice cream. My other Nana bought me ice cream last week at the amusement park. Two kinds.”

“Nana Peg took you to the amusement park last week?”

“Yup. I went on rides and played games and everything. I ate all my hot dog so she bought me ice cream. We had a lot of fun. But, I like the park too. Can I get two kinds of ice cream?”

Louise hated being upstaged by Ali’s other grandmother. She went into the den where her husband was watching TV. “Frank, I need forty dollars. I’m taking Ali to the amusement park.”

Marcia Yearwood


Melissa smoothed her skirt, brushed her curls over her shoulder and sashayed over to the new football captain. Chase watched her dumbfounded and hurt.
“Hey Stan, wanna take me to the dance?” Melissa batted her eyelashes.
Stan just stood there. Was this cheerleader asking him out?
“Uh, yeah, I guess. What’s your name?”
“Melissa, head cheerleader so we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. You know, on the bus. Can’t wait!”
Stan did like that idea, but dance? He had two left feet.
“Melissa, I don’t know how. But I do like being on the bus together.” Stan shyly said. “Hey how’d you know my name anyway?”
“Oh silly boy! It’s my job to know all the new boys in school, especially the cute ones.” She smiled and tucked her arm in his. “I just know we’re gonna be great friends. Don’t worry, I’ll teach ya to dance, ok?”

Tim Hillebrant


I looked at my girlfriend as she sat across from me on the bed. Her fingers traced lightly against the patterns in the new comforter we’d bought just tonight. A little smile played on her lips as she sighed.
“You want some tonight.”
Hope sparked, and I answered without thinking, “Yes.”
“How bad?”
“Really bad.” I could feel just how bad even now.
“You know, Jensen’s has this really nice pendant they just got in. It would be gorgeous against that black cashmere sweater I showed you.” Her fingers still traced the comforter’s patterns.
“Those things are expensive,” I said, wondering where she was going with this.
“Nevermind, hon. Could you grab the aspirin, please? I think I have a headache, and I’m really tired. I think I’ll just go to bed early. Why don’t you go watch some TV?”

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