Winter Scenery

Winter’s cold vista lays all around
Jack frost has arrived coating the ground
Frosty windows sparkle in the light
Starry skies forbode a cold night

Picnic Point on the edge of the range
Coated in white an image most strange
Parks and lanes covered in snow
As Winter puts on quite the show

Ice reaches down from overhead tin
Frozen rain on the ground a delightful thing
Naked trees barren and forlorn
Cast skeletal images across our lawn

Spider webs glisten on frosted panes
These views of winter we cannot contain
Winter’s majesty in reflected sunlight
Winter’s majesty an awesome sight

Author Notes

A piece about winter

6 Comments for “Winter Scenery”


BOO used to do a lot of poetry. I see the aa/bb/cc/dd/ee/ff/gg/hh format. Nice word combo with rhymes. Winter is suffice; a colder season down here than average. I see the related posts for winter theme. I like that. Like this sentence: Ice reaches down from overhead tin. That is a creative approach that is appealing. Nice words here: Cast skeletal images across our lawn. Another favorite sentence of a quatrain: Spider webs glisten on frosted panes. Some good word choices and imagination exerted. Is very cold outside. An arctic blast. Guess adding images is optional.

Jasmine McBride


I felt the poem flowed from each paragraph to the next nicely and I particularly liked the line “Naked trees barren and forlorn”. I’d have to agree also, that ‘thing’ and ‘tin’ didn’t seem to rhyme as smoothly as the others.

Otherwise, an enjoyable poem that painted the scene wonderfully 🙂

reigny dai


This piece is as pretty as the images it describes. One rhyme scheme tricked me up, “…tin…thing.” It wasn’t direct or as close as all the other rhymes, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying this.

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