winter ( A Kyrielle)




As Winter waits outside our door

Around the fire we sit inside

Of frozen air we want no more

Winters beauty is right outside


Frosted windows sparkle with ice

On frozen ponds the children glide

Mulled wine drunk with a hint of spice

Winters beauty is right outside


Parks and lanes carpeted with snow

On horse drawn sleighs we get to ride

As nature puts on quite a show

Winters beauty is right outside

Author Notes

6 Comments for “winter ( A Kyrielle)”

Tim Hillebrant


Loved this, Craig.
Being from Idaho- we’re both a winter wonderland, and a winter’s horror story all wrapped in one state. Beautiful vistas, but sometimes that cold can kill.
Love the imagery here- you’ve captured the beauty well.


Anisa Claire


I think this might be my favourite poem by you, Craig, and that’s saying a lot because you’ve written quite a few awesome ones. It’s very warm, like the fire inside. I like that the reflection of winter’s beauty is enjoyed from the comfort of indoors, all cozy-like.

Mulled wine drunk with a hint of spice – Excellent line.


As winter is fast approaching for me here is an early Kyrielle on the subject.

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