The shortened days we bear as we are able

Like an unwanted meal placed on the table

Frozen water hangs from railings and eaves

Whirlwinds are formed by fallen brown leaves


Winds howl across a barren landscape

Rage against unmovable foes unable to escape

The evidence left litters the ground

Silence lingers in air bereft of sound


In the fields and the gardens life stands still

Waiting and waiting for better or ill

The touch of frost upon the land

A glove of ice to cover our hand


Yet there are those to whom winter calls

Come out come out and leave your halls

This season holds wonder for all to share

A time to rejoice not to despair


Snow on the hilltops a sight to behold

A playground for those who enjoy the cold

Winters wonderland available to partake

Whether taming the slopes or skating the lake


A season of extremes to be sure

A season of hardships to endure

This season of extremes is a test to us all

This season brings about the final curtain call

Author Notes

As winter enters our time of year in OZ here is a suitable poem, with a wonderful picture from our photographer friend Tim Hillebrant

10 Comments for “Winter”

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Craig!

I liked this poem. It makes me want the cooler weather, and we’ve not even really warmed up here yet. I especially like the picture you chose to go with this, I think, if I do say so myself, it helps set the tone to the poem rather well.

Nicely done, Sir!!


Gaaaaaaaaaaaa… Winter! At least you make it sound beautiful and enticing, Craig. LOL! I am just getting used to lovely spring and soon summer! You end the poem a bit dark. The “final curtain call” whispers death to me. You do show reflections of Winter’s frozen finger and power. Many descriptions in this one. Very nice. 🙂

Write On!

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