When I Was Young

I thought I’d live forever

when I was young.

I hurried through the days

of my youth,

squandered my time

on things of no matter,

anticipating the next event.

I lived for the moment


I cried too much,

laughed too little,

worried needlessly,

made foolish choices,

wasted precious moments.

I thought I’d live forever.


Looking back,

I wonder where it went.

Is that what youth is for?

Something to reflect upon

when we’ve less to do?

I wish I had it now.

Forever is almost here.

I’d do better this time.

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reigny dai


“Forever is almost here.” A powerful statement, and I love it. Show this to young readers. (What qualifies as “young” these days?) Outstanding and one of my favorites on the site.



The regrets of youth most people have, but that is what youth is all about. They are generally good memories and although many times appear wasted sometimes, even without us knowing it, they go towards making us the people we are. It’s better than wasting time and opportunities when you are old, there is no going back at that stage, better to waste them when you are young. I did like the writing, it resonates with everyone. You have managed to capture many peoples fears and regrets.

Tim Hillebrant


A beautiful poem, Lina.

This reminds me very much of that old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.”
I think as we age, we learn. With that knowledge comes the wisdom of knowing what we didn’t know or fully understand before. We have a fuller appreciation of things, because we understand the time it takes to develop a skill, learn something new, or recognize a special moment for what it is. We have to collect the experiences and knowledge to know and understand what we once had. An irony of life, in my eyes.
But now that we know and understand our now vs. then, how do we choose to use that knowledge? That’s the choice we have to make. Here’s hoping we make the best one.


Anisa Claire


Hi Lina,

This is a sad poem and makes the reader really think about how you want to live your life. It’s not too late, though, as they say… You’re never too old to try new things or head out on an adventure 🙂

Great writing.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Lina

You’ve captured the essence of watching the years pass by…knowing when young you’ll have time to complete things, and older realizing you might not. Enjoyed.

take care and stay safe,


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