What Would Kerouac Think

If I let this wet, half-dead poem see the light of day?


I’ve sweat over it for almost an hour now


And there’s still no spark, no beat, no jazz


The lines lay on the page…



What’s the word?


That’s it, flaccid


Maybe I should have hitched cross-country first for


Or moved to Greenwich Village to study

At the feet of the giants

Like Ginsberg

Does Ginsberg still hang out at the Pony Stable?


I’ll give this one another twenty minutes

Before moving on

There are many other poems to be written

Dozens of them


And I have all summer to become famous


Author Notes

I'm having much too fun with poetry. Still a lot to learn, though.

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Anisa Claire


Hah! This is a fun one, Dave. I actually quite enjoy reading poems and stories about writing and the process of it. This one has a nice humorous tone to it, but at the same time, is kind of serious. Good job!


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