What do YOU Want to Discuss?


Hello, everyone!

The Group Discussions part of Writer’s Carnival is an excellent way for us all to connect and talk about writing. We like to cover all sorts of different topics here from worldbuilding to sentence structure.

Some of the discussions are in depth, written more as a writing tip from one of our team members, and others are short and meant to get feedback and conversation from all the community members.

This group discussion is to find out what all of YOU want to talk about! List your ideas in the comments below. We put up a new discussion weekly, but you can always post one of your own whenever you’d like.

So let’s hear it! What would you all like to talk about these days in relation to writing and the journey involved in it all.

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Sherman Butler


Hello, I’m new on this site, I was thinking about becoming a freelance writing; however, I’m little stuck on what to write. I realized that I suppose to write everyday to improve my writing. All I need to know is what are some major suggestion points when it comes to writing to the editors to present my work.


Hi Sherman,
I am unable to answer your question and lots of people here are writing nano flat out but as sure as I am me, Someone will see and answer if they can. Personally the best advice I can leave you is write what you know… starting with that will build confidence and get the write every day attitude into place. I hope I helped some what. Have a great time at the carnival, there is loads of talent to guide critique and assist.


Hi Anisa,
I’m thinking of a few:

Writing dialogue
Use of speech tags
What motivates other writers
Defining Short story, Novellette, Novella, Novel
Formatting ebooks

Didn’t think I could come up with that many.



Hmmm .. Lots of great ideas so far.

I’d love to see a GD on plotting. Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat, 3 act and such. It’d be cool to see what people are doing to structure their stories.


Flash fiction seems to have clear structure and I have found lots of advice available, but the short story I don’t feel has been covered as stealthily. I would like some solid guidelines. Thank you.



Good call. I’m sure everybody’s got questions about some aspect of writing, or another.

As for me:
Writing Dystopias
Writing Fantasy
Writing Horror

I’m sure I’ll think of many, many more. Usually in the middle of the night.


Please give us some topics to write about! Better yet, write your own Group Discussion! Everyone has questions, answers, and thoughts on different writing topics. Discussing them here can be a great benefit to yourself and others.

Topics ideas/subjects that would be helpful to me:
-Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
-Poetry (Favorite Forms and Structures)
-How to use the Comma….
-How to use the Semi-colon…
-Novel Writing Strategies
-Blogging (I really need to start a blog and have my own website)
-How to make a living Writing

Just to name a few! I think all topics we discuss will be relatable to everyone on some level.

Thanks for this Group Discussion topic, Anisa!

Write On!

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Anisa,

Some GD ideas just off the top-
How to structure a plot.
Writing Flash vs. a Short Story vs. a Novel- and what’s involved in each.
Story structure- what a story needs to work.
What are Plot Holes, how to find and eliminate them.
Why flash fiction matters.
Finding inspiration to write.
Where do characters come from, and what makes a good one?
Reading vs. Writing- why each are important.
Blogs- what are they, and what do they do?

I like that you’re asking this question- and I look forward to seeing everyone’s responses.


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