What Did You Call Me? Character Names

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Great way to pick names, Reigny! I’m partial to old-fashioned names, and look to the 1800’s and early 1900’s for ideas. Biblical names can be interesting, too.

reigny dai


Thanks so much, Dave! The Bible is the quintessential source for old-fashioned or classic names. Knowing where to find names that meet your needs is paramount.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Reigny

Interesting approach to finding names for your characters. I have three methods; first the read the daily obits for unusual names, and second, I keep a note pad on the end table to write down any unusual sounding names I hear especially when I watch TV, including CNN and MSNBC, and thir,d use the same note pad to jot down interesting names that come up in the news stories.

Take care and stay safe,


reigny dai


Good morning, Raymond

Thanks. Tons of ways exist. I like the idea of keeping a note pad nearby. I keep paper and pens in bed with me, because I often write in my sleep and wake up to immediately jot down thoughts and ideas. Death notices and news programs are sure to have interesting names.

Thanks for reading and for your remarks.

I shall. You do the same.


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