What Books Inspire You?

It is often said that to be a great writer, you have to read voraciously.

Even more importantly, reading outside your normal selection tickles the imagination and widens your perspective. The strangest ideas come from the weirdest places; get out of your comfort zone and read something different.

I’ve always read broadly, but I always come back to a handful of books that prime my thinking-well.

One of the most useful has been Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I swear I could open my copy at any page and find a new plot twist.

Another is my grandfather’s copy of Robert Service’s collected works. Whenever I need to reacquaint myself with my storytelling muse, I re-read a poem like The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin. Works like a charm.

So, over to you.

What is the most read and tattered book in your library?

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charles stone


Three books; The Three Musketeers, Metu Neter and African Holistic Health. Growing up in 1960s America for Black folk was not easy, there was very little to no recognition of Black people’s contribution to the world. I loved the “The Three Musketeers” and when I discovered the author was Black, the realization opened an entirely new universe for me. The “Metu Neter” and “African Holistic Health” are the book which essentially have made me the person I am today. Both have exposed me to the real world, far different from the fake, plastic, competition-driven, man-made philosophy of life.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Doug

i confess I read far more magazines than I do novels (have five in various stages of being completed). When I read a novel I study the style and techniques of the author.

In addition to having Sun Tzu’s, Art of War, I read The Leadership skills of Attila The Hun by Wess Roberts.

Take care and stay safe,


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