We’ll Be Back This Fall!

Writer’s Carnival has been a passion project since I opened its virtual doors four years ago. It’s had a lot of ups and downs, more ups than downs, and has taught me a lot about websites, communities, and marketing.

When I started WC, I didn’t come out of the gates with millions of dollars in marketing money like some other writing sites. I had about $1,000, a Twitter account and the burning desire to make a difference in the writing world. And so it began…

My knowledge of websites was extremely limited and I spent countless hours researching, learning and, eventually, figuring out how to do a lot (not all) on my own. I, of course, had to hire a company in the beginning and that lead to a bunch of problems, headaches, sleepless nights and ended up costing a lot of money. In the long run, I lucked out in finding Doug Langille who rebuilt the site and now maintains it. He definitely saved the day!

I know some people think I did this to ‘get rich’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In all honesty, Writer’s Carnival, in its best of times, barely paid minimum wage with the amount of hours I was pumping into getting it off the ground (eight to ten hours a day nearly seven days a week). Not to mention, of course, the amazing people that were helping me in the background, and around the community, for free. They spent a lot of their hours trying to help keep the community active and to get questions answered in a timely manner. The majority of what was earned went directly back into upgrading the community and adding more opportunities for its members.  But the site and community wasn’t built from a desire to make money so much as it was to provide a great space for writers. That’s still the case.

That said, it has died out over the last year and a half because I sort of fell backwards into writing and drawing coloring/activity books for adults. It’s grown a lot and I’ve seen a decent amount of success from it all. However, Writer’s Carnival is ALWAYS in the back of my head. It’s something I want to still see thrive in the future. I still love to write and I still want to create a great space for writers to learn, grow and share in.

I am only human and try as I might… I’m not perfect. I don’t see Writer’s Carnival as a failure by any means but it’s definitely something that needs some love and attention.

Anyway, I wanted to level with everyone in the community and let you know that Writer’s Carnival will be fully relaunching this September. I am working in the background to create excellent content for all of you, but also to help on the marketing side of things so that it’s easier for more awesome writers to find their way here.

Marketing, unfortunately, is a massive part of the process. The second huge part is the members and their participation. The rules are simple for WC… Put in what you want to get back. It’s something I strongly believe in and is why I created Writer’s Carnival that way. A lot of sites you can pay real dollars to promote your work higher on the site to get more visibility. In my opinion, that’s not a great route. If you’re passionate about writing it’s pretty easy to get a lot from the WC community. All you have to do is take a little extra time to be supportive of the other writers on the site. That’s it. Give and get.

So, I would like to close with an apology about not being able to keep up the way I was hoping to be able to over the last year and a half. And to let you all know that Weekly Challenges, Contests, and a whole lot more will be kicking back up this September. I hope to see you all again then!

Until September, the site is still fully operational, though. You can still post and review, browse tips & prompts, and use the status section. All of that will remain available to members. In the fall, however, we will be adding a lot more than the basic functions.

Here’s to hoping this writing community will once again be filled with the voices of people who love to write.


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charles stone


Sounds great! But I truly believe you are too hard on yourself. I feel the members – me included – who have let WC down. A community cannot strive without community involvement. Though I still write, I visit the site very rarely. But I promise to return to the old day of posting a massive amount of words in Septemember. Hope to see everyone return in September, ready to write. Have a great summer.

Kim Bussey


Sounds good to me. I haven’t had much time for my own writing this past year, let alone help others with critiques. Hopefully that will all change for me in September too. Can’t wait to see what new things you’ll have in store for the site.

Anisa Claire


Thanks, Kim! Yeah, life gets in the way sometimes, unfortunately. Hears to hoping we can both get some serious writing done in the fall. Looking forward to seeing you around these parts.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Anisa

My prayers are with you. Look forward to seeing you in the fall of 2017. If anyone can do it it is you!

Until then Take care and stay safe,


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