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Welcome to the new Writer’s Carnival site, everyone!  We’re just in the process of starting to transfer members over a few at a time.  It’s going to be a bit of a process, so please be patient with us.

A few things that have changed… This is now the status update area. If you want to post something in here, simply type Social Hour in the Tags section when you are posting from the Dashboard.

Our profile pages have changed a bit, but not too much.  You’ll have to use the search bar at the top of the page to search members and/or click on their name in one of their posts to see everything they’ve put up.

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can either post your question in the comments here or contact me personally. You can also send an email to writerscarnival@hotmail.com

We’re really excited about the new site and hope you all love it and find it easier to navigate.  Also, your posts from the old site won’t be transferring over but we’ll keep an archive of the old site up for one year so you have time to get everything off of there that you need/want to.

Feel free to start posting your old posts as new posts here, two per day.  Also feel free to start commenting/reviewing on posts that are already up 🙂


Anisa, Dave, Doug, Rebecca, Tim and Travis

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Anisa

Despite my best efforts I cannot get beyond my profile page. I received an email stating Becky posted to my wall.What is a wall? How do I access same?

Take care and stay safe,



Happy that the site is being updated and improved! It’s important that adjustments are made to keep up with the fluid world of writing. Through these changes, we show that we’re serious about our writing craft, and appreciate the most optimal of environments to explore our own mind and the minds of others. Thank you WC for being commited to your members and for improving the website. Can’t wait to try it out! Oh, also, how do you update a profile picture? This is bothering me, SOS.


Love the new site, Anisa! Well done! I know I haven’t been around here in months, but I haven’t forgotten about this wonderful community! Hopefully I can start visiting more often again once I’m done with school. See you around! Congrats! 🙂

Anisa Irwin


Thanks! Doug Langille was a huge part of the rebuild. We couldn’t have done it without him 🙂 Glad you like it and looking forward to seeing you around here again.


It looks amazing congratulations to the team . I look forward to seeing everyone here and continuing to enjoy my time with you all. I am aware it is very early and things may take a while to get used to, firstly your subscribe box “pink” wont allow me to put my e mail in. I will play for a while before I say ” Where’s the dashboard, where do I put my daily chat etc… as I will find out I expect when I am more familiar”. Thanks a million I am proud to be part of this. X

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