Welcome to the Book Club! We will be discussing this month’s book (Orphan Train) on Friday, September 15th. If you found us through Facebook, don’t worry about finding the post or saving this page. I will be posting on my profile page with a direct link to the discussion and tagging you all.

The reason I didn’t end up creating a Facebook group for this is that we have people joining us from other social media platforms, as well, and hosting it here works well as a middle ground.

So, you need to create an account here, which is totally free to do, and then you’ll be able to comment on the posts.

CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE: https://www.writerscarnival.ca/register/

Select the last option, which is the free account option. 

Come back to this post and comment to let us know you made it in okay and are ready for the first book club discussion on September 15th! If you need to find the section this is posted in again because you lost the direct link from Facebook or wherever else, from the homepage (www.writerscarnival.ca) go to the ‘Group Discussions‘ button and then ‘Book Club‘ you will find this post in there.

Don’t forget that next month’s book is All the Little Children and is available on Amazon. Click here if you need to order the book.



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Barbara Barnes


I got here okay, and have registered. Unfortunately, thought the book was on one of my readers, and is not, and have it “reserved” at my electronic library. Once I get it, can read it in a day and join in the discussion. Will the discussion just last the one day, or will it be ongoing for a week, or what?

Anisa Claire


Glad you made it, Barb! Sorry to hear that, but yes, the discussion will be up forever. You can join in at any time. That is another reason we decided to do it on Writer’s Carnival, so the posts don’t get lost in the sea that is Facebook 🙂

Barbara Barnes


Good news, thanks. I find it hard to believe that electronic library copies need to be reserved, and that there are only so many available to electronic readers.

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