Wedding Blessing

This is a union of souls, and hearts, and time. Whispers of the universe swirling and colliding until the particles finally configure and align. Lessons are learned as we travel this world. We can travel the perimeter or take the plunge into the center to seek and understand its core.

She walks in beauty as the night leaving behind trails and trials that encouraged her to take this flight. Time is a healer and a friend if one would take its hand. She has examined the fire, taken its energy, and found its source, unplanned.

He walked the road of good intentions and spiritual desire. Playing with shadows that could not adequately fulfill or truly inspire the deeper intellect needed to connect. His illuminating spirit could not find true peace or pure respect. So, he chose a path that turned away, eventually leading him to this promised day.

How little we know and understand why moments in our lives occur. Years and decades later those whispers of the universe may, again, collide to cause our earthly particles to conjure and concur. Such moments are often forgotten, unnoticed and unsung, but when awakened to the light some greater meaning can become astoundingly powerful and clear!

Now they walk together, hand in hand, and heart to heart. Naked, fully exposed, they choose to make their start. Not so much a new start but a continuum in time. May all their days be sweet, gentle and sublime.


*Written for Keith and Victoria

©2013 Rebecca Braun All Rights Reserved

Author Notes

Written for my very dear friends, Keith and Victoria. They traveled an amazing journey to find one another again after thirty some years. Blessings to them!

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Anisa Claire


Hmmm… Wasn’t sure if this was poetry or prose, so I’m going with prosetry. Hahaha. Beautiful write, Rebecca. It tells the story of these people’s journey and actually reads on a few levels. Well done.

She walks (in beauty as the night) leaving behind trails and trials that encouraged her to take this flight. – Not sure what’s going on there?



I love your new word… prosetry!!! That is AWESOME…lol That line is a bit questionable, isn’t it? I liked the Shakespeare reference… I think he has written something with this famous line? The woman is very beautiful with almost black longer hair. I don’t know what to do with that. I do feel a slight awkwardness in the line.

Thanks for your comments! I truly appreciate it!

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