Constable Pickwick poked his head into the laboratory. “Any answers yet?”


Professor Englebert Willoughby looked up from his microscope. “Well, the shell lodged in the deceased’s ear canal is a bivalve from the order Verbarostracoidea. They’re common worldwide. But you said you exhumated the body in Richmond Park?”


“Correct. Why?”


“The coral pulled from his throat is unique. It’s a Verbarmillepora, a genus of Hydrocorallia found only on reefs in the Indian Ocean. Somebody traveled a long way to bury your deceased in mid-London.” The professor inhaled a pinch of snuff. “You’ve got quite a mystery on your hands, Constable.”

Author Notes

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reigny dai


Great names for your characters. Traveling a long distance to bury a body says, “counter forensics,” to me. Which may mean someone is smart or has seen a crime show. I wonder how the killer got the body from point A to point B. Then again, maybe it was someone else. You leave us with many questions.
Also, I like the big words. Good job

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Dave!

You going to expand this out? Indian coral found in a body disposed of in London?
You’ve got to tell us the story that goes with this!

No nits, good sir!


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