Unorthodox Hue

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Gregory Shipman


The beauty of poetry is it’s ability to translate one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions into something beyond the ability of words… I know what you mean… being outside the cookie-cutter existence is like going from two dimension to three… like going from black and white to color… like going from mono to stereo… being on one’s own is a heady feeling and not for the timid or the weak at heart…

Great Expression

reigny dai


I like poetry because it gets the job done using the minimum amount of words to make the maximum impact. Unfortunately, people follow cookie-cutter paths even if they’re reckless, and that’s worse than not being an individual. Something not working out because you followed your gut, stinks. When you fail because you follow others, that pain stays with you for life, and you will always beat yourself up for it. However, life is about lessons so…

Thank you


Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning Reigny

One’s struggle to maintain their individuality in a world where it’s becoming more and more difficult to do.

I would find another word to use for ‘decoupaged’ as most readers won’t know what this means. I had to use the dictionary to find it’s definition. It’s the one line I had to pause in an other wise good poem.

Take care and stay safe,


reigny dai


Good morning, Raymond

Individuality is hard because it’s unpopular, and it’s unpopular because it’s hard.

I hear what you’re saying, but if we never encounter words we don’t know, our vocabulary won’t grow. Readers should expect to discover unfamiliar words, and I’m not a fan of dumbing down my work. It insults me and the readers, but I do understand where you’re coming from, and I thank you for your suggestion and the compliment..

I shall. You do the same.


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