Unlucky in Love

Oh, I’ll sing you a song

of the woes of my gender,

the sweet and the choke

of love’s questionable splendor.


Good luck in finding

the loves of my life,

bad luck in keeping them,

oh, the pain and the strife.


The good ones are married

so I’ve been left with the used,

men who are battered

down on their luck, or abused.


I’ve been a good wife

always sweet and demure,

how could they leave me?

Wasn’t my fault, I’m sure.


Bad luck is my plight

when it comes to lovin’, my friend,

when a “sure thing” comes my way

you can be sure it’s the end.


So, I’ll sing of the good ones

that surely “left a mark”,

they were lucky for a moment

but, always broke my heart.

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Becky

Enjoyed the rhyme and message. Often in our world (over 50 %) we will come across individuals that are battered and bruised. This said, if they had once known deep love, they will likely do so later in life.

Take care and stay safe,


Tim Hillebrant


Hey Becky,

Love is a fickle thing. We seek it, want it, and love having it, but it can come and go if not cared for, and it’s easy to bruise and make love be succeeded by other, less wonderful, emotions. You’ve outlined this well here. I liked the rhythm and cadence of the piece, and enjoyed the read, though it made my heart hurt to know you’ve been through what you have. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Here’s hoping your find your forever someone, and your time with them is happy and long.



It was written “tongue-in-cheek” with a bit of underlying cutting truth, as well. It was actually a fun write. If I do find that forever someone, remind me NOT to marry them, ok? LOL! Currently not looking and not interested. I love my own time now.


A fun piece here I sung it as I read it. I agree with Ellen verse 5 the middle lines threw me off as they were a bit long perhaps line 2 could be “when love comes my friend” and line 3 ” no sure things come my way” but overall a great job cheers


Hi Rebecca I enjoy the way of your poem, it after all is never our fault that we are left bad luck is often the cause of loneliness. The words and meanings were flowing well for me until verse five when (sure and surely) seemed to crowd the way the piece moved. Thanks for posting

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