Unconditional Love


Mentor, role model and caring friend.

Supporter of my ev’ry whim.


that has no boundaries or limits.


my mother is there for me.

Author Notes

Example of writing poetry with numbers and using specific dates. Wrote this poem about my mom using her date of birth. Each line las the same number of syllables as the number in her birthday. 9/8/1927.

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Lina,

I really enjoyed this poem. My mother died long ago, and I miss her a lot. This beautiful poem reminded me of her in so many wonderful ways. I think a person really understands unconditional love when they have kids. I think most children learn this more as they get older, and realize all their parents really did for them. You show this very well.



Thank you, Tim. You are so right. We don’t appreciate our parents until we are older. I lost my mom in March. Thought about changing the “is always there for me” to “was,” but she “is” still there for me all the time in so many ways.



How cool I will have a go at this style well done cheers


Thank you. YEs, you should try it. You take a meaningful date, a birthday, anniversary, etc. and write the numbers each on a separate line and then each line has to be the same amount of syllables as the number. It can be challenging. I entered this. I still don’t understand the rules of the $100 contests but I entered this one anyway. Lina
EX: 9/8/1927

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