Traveling Show


In a giant steel cage, stood a giant white bear
Down in front stood a man with frosty white hair
His voice was like thunder as he called to the crowd
“The wildest and strangest of all,” the man vowed

We paid him his price as we entered the tent
With its flickering lights and its musty old scent
To be greeted inside by sights rarely seen
From the weird and the wacky and all in between

The guy with the snakes, and his magic red flute
The Walrus, the Man-Boy and the Cave-Dwelling-Brute
We saw the world’s largest man on the world’s largest horse
Next to Weeny and Teeny, and Tiny, of course

There were little stone men in little stone huts
And the two dancing twins called Milo and Putz
The Rubber Man bent and folded in three
The She-Monkey screamed and ran up her tree

The Lady of Spiders was a thing to behold
Her eyes were like crystals in webs spun of gold
We saw the Gilled Swamp Man and the Jungle Bug Girl
The two headed mongoose and a fourteen pound squirrel

So, if ever you find those carnival tents
Seek out the bear and pay the man’s cents
Hold on real tight to what you believe
Cause inside there’s more than the mind can conceive

Author Notes

5 Comments for “Traveling Show”


You certainly bought that to life, it trundled away around the travelling show never stopping knowing the way it should go. Me thinks one T.J. Crayons could draw his way to a new colouring book! “Juss sayin”
Excellent work.

Travis Baribeau


Hah! Thanks, Ellen! This is actually in the Carnival Carnage book Anisa and I recently put out. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment 🙂

Dave Allen


Damn, Travis, great write! I miss the good ‘ol days where the travelling fairs brought along a Freak Show. Really, Anisa needs to illustrate this and put it in the next Absur’d volume. It would be perfect. (‘Absur’d Freak Show… hmmmmm…..)

Travis Baribeau


Thanks, man! This is already in Carnival Carnage that we put out in fall of last year. Had a lot of fun writing it and yeah, carnivals are fascinating 🙂

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