Tourists on show wherever we go
From place to place in we blow
As a group or on our own
Ready to invade the next unknown
Cameras ever at the ready
Held in hands never steady
Questions coming one by one
Fired like bullets from a gun
Local fare tried and tested
Found to be never bested
Views to be admired and then kept
In photo albums for the less adept
In buildings we look and wander
How was it done we are left to ponder
Locals harangued for what they know
Answers demanded before we go
Standing out from the crowd we see
Hoping to fit in was how it should be
Yet in we trudge with all good intent
Oblivious to our malcontent
Locals can’t help but stop and stare
Their lives overtaken by our fanfare
As needed as we be for their domain
They long for us to be gone once again

Author Notes

This poem I wrote while on holiday in Egypt the picture is me on the great pyramid in Giza

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