Things in life that must be done
A journey to take another rung.
Mountains to climb  valleys deep
Events to forget and memories to keep.

Bless a child and give a rose
Write some lines or read a prose.
Idle a while and daydream
On the banks of the crystal stream.

Talk with strangers make new friends
Listen their story see how it ends.
Pray for peace around the world
Freedom for ever boy and girl.

Plant some trees and watch the bees
Sway with the wind enjoy the breeze.
Sparkle your eyes at night with the stars
Make more love and fight to end wars.

Get up go out and have some fun
Bask in the golden summer sun
To hate and lies cry shameful!
Be content you are beautiful.

© 2016, Claudine S. All rights reserved.
The author has granted, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Author Notes

Just a simple list of nice things to do .

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Tim Hillebrant


An enjoyable read, Claudine. Life is short enough, best to stop and enjoy the moments while we can. Be thankful for the little things, and the dreams that sometimes do come true.

Well done!


charles stone


Hey, CS. I love the vibe and music to this piece. Good thoughts and nice message. Rock ON,


I felt the gentle sway of this poem, and enjoyed the positive words flowing over me. Your “list” is beautifully delivered!

To hate and lies(,) cry shameful!
Be content(,) you are beautiful.

I love this ending. The commas slow it down a bit, I think, creates needed pauses for the reader to reflect on the words.

Write On!

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