The torment of the Mind




The dark closes in it’s all around
The dark closes in and shuts off all sound
I’ve yelled and yelled an yelled till I’m hoarse
I’ve yelled and yelled, none came of course
Why am I here? For what purpose was I chose?
Why am I here? I can only suppose
Time has stopped in this prison of mine
Time has stopped in my tortured mind
Held in this place of demented oblivion
Held in this place of lost dominion
Confined in a realm where I cannot stay
Confined in a realm by a mind gone astray
A mind in anguish that cannot decide
A mind in anguish from which I cannot hide
A tormented soul I long to be free
A tormented soul I will always be

Author Notes

This is one of my first forays into dark poetry I write a lot of my dark stuff to do with tormented souls or minds I find those truly frightening

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When one thinks this way, it is what they become. We are our thoughts. Discovering, acknowledging, and being willing to accept that one is worthy of freedom is a very long road filled with set-backs and pain. It can be done, but some never get there.

I feel the deep dark pain here, Craig. Well done.

Write On!

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