The Snow Kingdom Chapter Thirteen Part Two




SNOW KINGDOM SYNOPSIS:  Two soldiers from the United Northern Alliance, Colonel Castille Tasca and Master Sergeant Rambika Maseru, have undertaken a clandestine mission deep into Snow Kingdom territory to test a new agent designed to kill coca plants the source of the Snow Kingdom’s cocaine, the very foundation of its power and wealth.

EMF: Acronym for Electro-Magnetic Field

WORDS: 800



Maseru shook his head and grinned.  “Christ, sir, I hate that word.  All it means is it’s the first time it’ll be used under battlefield conditions.  I know what you’re going to say.  Intel has tested it to the limit . . . and all tests were positive.”


“A perceptive assessment, Sergeant. The magnetic field is designed to repel any metal projectiles even at close range.  Nothing will penetrate the armor.  Any contact may sting like hell, but that’s it.   The only way to kill us is with a head shot.



“If that’s the only area, Colonel, then I’m glad they’re piss-poor-shots.  How is the armor powered?  Does it use our body’s electrical impulses?”


“Yes, it does, to a point.  In the middle of the armor there’s a small-magnetic dyatron which is the armor’s main power source.   All sides of the upper body armor are embedded with small solar energy converters that are the dyatron’s main power source.  Add our body’s electrical impulses and the armor has an endless power supply.  To activate the armor just the depress the center of the dyatron.”


“All well and good, sir, but how do we put it on?”


Tasca pointed to the armor to his left.  “Simple.  The upper part slides over your upper body like a shirt which you’ll tuck in.  The lower armor consists of knee and ankle dyatron connecters.  Once they’re activated they connect to the dyatron’s main unit, forming a EMF from your ankles to your chin.  This armor can handle almost anything, even concussive effects of an explosion up to one kilo of rudiiumm.  Does this answer your questions, Sergeant?”


“Yes, sir, to a point.  Won’t the shirt trap our body heat?”


“No, if anything it will disperse it, making you feel a bit cooler.”


“Sounds good, sir, but will it hinder our movements?”


“No, it shouldn’t.  It weighs less than a kilogram.  Intel said there were no problems with mobility.  Now suit up.  When your done, I want to show you something.”


“Yes, sir.”  Maseru took the shirt, and with little effort let it slide over his body and tucked it into his waistline.  He attached the ankle and knee connectors then pushed the center of the dyatron, activating the armor’s EMF.  He looked at his arms. “Not a bad fit, Colonel.   Should I feel something?”


“No, not until bullets strike the armor.”  Tasca smiled.  “Look at what’s attached to the plasma rifles stocks and tell me what you see.”


“There’re four, two-centimeter long cylinders, two red and two black, Colonel.”


Tasca reached over, grabbed both rifles and handled one to Maseru.  “Take the black cylinder and insert it into the end of the rifle’s stock while I do the same with mine. Once that’s done, we’ll insert the red cylinders into the stocks just above the black cylinders.”


“Okay, sir, I’ll bite.  What are the cylinders for?”


“They essentially turn both rifles into signature rifles.  Simply put, one we insert the cylinders, the rifles can be fired only by either of us and no one else.   The cylinders have our DNA imprints which is fed into the rifle’s memory circuit.  To activate the signature, press the green button on the top of the stock then grip the stock as if you were going to shoot. When you hear a click the signature is activated.  Then do the same with my rifle.  Any questions, Sergeant.”


“No, sir.  Damned ingenious, if you ask me.  Between the body armor and this . . . well it’s enough tech to satisfy me.”


“That it is, Sergeant.  You’ll continue monitoring the thopter’s images and let me know the second anything changes.  After I’ve sorted the last of the supplies, I’ll suit up and we’ll finalize our tactics to counter the Scav’s attack.”


“Got it, Colonel, any movement.”



.   Tasca watched Maseru make for the left side of the outcropping and quickly disappear behind it.  He stared at the supplies on the ground. Alone with his thoughts, his mind continued to assess the problems he knew they’d encounter. Some choice, hey Castille.  Carry more ordinance to counter the Kingdom’s pursuit through Worlar or Martuzian territories or enter the Dune Sea carrying enough water to by-pass the first spring.  Either way it’s a long Goddamn hike in this heat.    Even with the moisture traps and urine converters, water may still be a problem.  Each route has its obstacles, the question is which one increases our odds to complete the mission?  He spat to one side.  Whatever I decide it’s still a long shot.  Shit.  We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  


Maseru touched the scanner’s communication button.  “Colonel, I’ve got movement on both lines.  I need you to look at this, sir.  Damned odd, if you ask me.”


Maseru’s words broke Tasca’s concentration.  “All right, Sergeant, what do you have?


“Movement I think you’ll find a bit strange. I can’t make any sense of it, Colonel.”


“All right, show me and be quick about it.”


“Yes, sir.  Coming to you.”   With little effort Maseru made his way around the outcropping.  Standing in front of Tasca, he handed the scanner to him.  “I’ve no idea why the hell they’re opening up the middle of each line, Colonel.


“All right, let me take a look.  Damn, I know exactly what they’re doing.”

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Well done Ray a nice continuation one thing I picked up. “Simply put, one we insert the cylinders”should the word one be once.

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