The Snow Kingdom Chapter Sixteen Part Three





SNOW KINGDOM SYNOPSIS:  Two soldiers from the United Northern Alliance, Colonel Castille Tasca and Master Sergeant Rambika Maseru, have undertaken a clandestine mission deep into Snow Kingdom territory to test a new agent designed to kill coca plants the source of the Snow Kingdom’s cocaine, the very foundation of its power and wealth.

T.O.: Acronym for Technical Officer


Commander Reza Aeripica age: forty-seven, height one point seven five meters, weight forty-three kilos. Blonde hair, green eyes light complexion.

Origin: Pantanal Region, Argentina

History: Graduated Brasilia War College, Brazil. Intelligent, pragmatic, valued for her tactical and strategic insight. Action in the Scavenger Wars of 2341 and 2347.  Led four missions into territories loyal to the Alliance.  Rose through the ranks becoming Senior Commander in 2350.  Oversees all military actions against Alliance incursions into Kingdom Territories in regions three, four, and five.

Characteristics: Intelligent with intimidating insights to strategic and tactical situations.  Known for her persistence and focus.  Once she is committed will see it through to its conclusion.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, driven by her perceived self-importance. Vengeful.  Never forgets any real or imagined insults.  Willing to sacrifice those under her command.  Outward hatred of Teis.


Praetor Ziebek: Age forty-six, height one point eight meters, weight seventy-nine kilos

Origin: Unknown.

History: Joined Snow Kingdom military as front-line combatant 2134.  Distinguished himself in actions against the T’ming and Worlar scavengers, Warlord Zapotec and clandestine raids against the Alliance and its allies.  Hand-picked by Lord Ganath to serve underneath Lord Tabir.

Characteristics: Said to be fearless, loyal, does not question authority.

Weaknesses: Prone to make rash decisions. Has been known to be self-serving.





“When you reach bay six, you will inform Commander Aeripica and Praetor Ziebek of the changes I have implemented regarding the mission.  Once you have, you will find T.O. Cacuru and tell him I want all modifications to the Reaper completed in one standard hour.  If he should complain, tell him I might forget where I placed his ration of snow wine.”


“What of Commander Aeripica and Praetor Ziebek?  You know they will questions your orders, or worse, disregard them?”


“It will be additional conditioning for when Prefect Cortezzo informs them I’m the one they will answer to, unless he has already done so, which in this case you’ll be throwing fuel onto the fire.  If you still meet resistance from either one, tell them to contact me immediately.  Either way it will generate the desired effects: disbelief, annoyance and anger.”  Teis smiled at Maria. “Best leave for bay six so Cacuru can complete the necessary modifications.  Let me know how the situation unfolds, Maria.”


“As you wish, Anton.  I will contact you as soon as my assessment of the unfolding situation on Bay six is complete.  Now I must leave.”





Standing in between stalker pens five and six, Lieutenant Lucheri found Technical Officer Cacuru struggling to remove a seat from the Reaper.


“You are Tech Officer, Cacuru?”


“Yes I am.  What can I do for you, Lieutenant?”  He smiled.  “It is not often we have staff officers down here.”

Lucheri’s icy stare told Cacuru she didn’t want to talk to him except for Teis’s order.  Lucheri’s icy stare told Cacuru she didn’t want to talk to him except for Teis’s order.  “Chief Analyzer Teis want the changes to the Reaper to be completed in one hour?”



Cacuru shook his head.  “I will need at least two hours, if not more, Lieutenant.  Anything less could jeopardize the hunt.”


“He said you would resist, and, if you did, to remind you pure snow wine is a rare commodity that should be tasted slowly to feel its full effects.  I will inform Chief Analyzer Teis you no longer want the wine, yes?”


Cacuru looked into the Lieutenant eyes, a wide smile forming in the corners of his mouth.  “If, I ask the other Techs to help . . . an hour is a reasonable time to complete the modifications.”


“I am glad you found a solution to the problem.  Let me know the instance the changes have been completed.  Should there be complications you are to contact me immediately, is that understood, Tech Officer?  My frequency is 7707.”


“Yes, Lieutenant, the moment you have finished or should you run into problems.”  Cacuru normally had no use for staff officers, but Lucheri was different, there was something about her that piqued his interest, but as to why, he couldn’t put his finger on it.


Satisfied the Reaper would be ready to begin the hunt as Teis wanted, Lucheri contacted him.

“Yes, Maria, I trust all went well with Cacuru?”


“It did not until I told he might have to forgo the pleasures of drinking snow wine.”


“Excellent!   I want you to return to bay six and report regarding Aeripica’s and Ziebek’s reactions upon learning I have changed the orders.”


*****   ****   ****   ****   ****   ****    ****    *****  ****  ****  ****  ****


Aeripica and Ziebek entered bay six to check on the Reaper’s progress for the hunt and were momentarily confused to see two seats being removed from the craft.  With an arrogant swagger, she approached Cacuru, followed by Ziebek.


“Technician.  Why are you removing two seats from my Reaper?  I want to know who issued the order!”  Aeripica struggled to keep her emotions in check.


“Commander, I was told to remove them by Chief Analyzer Teis, with the approval of Prefect Cortezzo.”


Aeripica turned and faced Ziebek.  “Do you believe this, Praetor?  It was Teis who gave the order, with Prefect Cortezzo’s support. Let us see how much truth there is to the matter!”


“Commander Aeripica, if it makes any difference, it was Lieutenant Lucheri who personally relayed the Chief Analyzer’s order to me.  Two seats are being removed to install two additional fuel pods.”


“When did she give the order?”


“About fifteen minutes ago, Commander.  The Lieutenant said she would return within the hour to check on the progress.  This is all I know.  Should I continue to install the fuel pods, Commander?”


Aeripica looked at Ziebek then Cacuru.  “Yes, continue until the order is countermanded.  We must find this Lieutenant Lucheri and talk to her.  I need to know why Teis decided to change the order.


****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****


Lieutenant Lucheri had left Teis’s chamber when her wrist communicator activated.  It was. Prefect Cortezzo.  “I trust you and Teis had a productive meeting, Lieutenant?”


“Yes, Prefect, we did.  We analyzed all the information we had regarding every aspect as to why the mules escaped, their intentions and possible destination points.  Once we have located them, coupled with the data we have, the logictates will provide the remaining answers which we will act upon.”


“Excellent, Lieutenant.  I trust you ordered Cacuru to make the changes to the Reaper.”


“Yes, Prefect.  About thirty-five minutes ago.   Neither Commander Aeripica or Praetor Ziebek were present when I gave the order.”


Cortezzo smiled.  “That would have proved interesting had they been present.  As much as Aeripica hates Teis she is not a fool. She will follow his orders until she decides they are no longer in her best interest.”



Author Notes

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Ray, good way to move the story along. I like the new character descriptions. I’ve missed a bit, so one day I’ll have to go back and read it all in order.


• “You are Tech Officer, (delete comma) Cacuru?” (I see more and more people using commas to separate titles from names. I will go to my grave insisting that’s wrong.)

• (Duplicate line) Lucheri’s icy stare told Cacuru she didn’t want to talk to him except for Teis’s order. Lucheri’s icy stare told Cacuru she didn’t want to talk to him except for Teis’s order.

• “Chief Analyzer Teis want (wants) the changes to the Reaper to be completed in one hour?”

• “I am glad you found a solution to the problem. Let me know the instance (instant) the changes have been completed. ”

• It was. (no period needed) Prefect Cortezzo.

Write on!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Dave

My thanks and gratitude for the read, comments and for catching the spags. It seems no matter how many times I read the my post, I sometimes I still can’t see the forest for the trees.

Again, Thank you.

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