The Seth- Part Two


“If you want to survive, follow me,” the man with the beard said, “My name is Asher,”

I looked over Chris with a raised eyebrow.

“Like, from the bible Asher?” I asked, “That’s a very uncommon name these days, but you know what? You are like the coolest dude ever!”

“I know, right?” Josh agreed, “He’s like Rambo on steroids.”

Asher led us up a foot trail that led up into the mountainous region of the Adirondacks and I started getting a little nervous. After all, the Seth came from within the earth so we always thought we’d be safer in large cities with tall buildings. Unfamiliar territory to them. The ascending footpath leveled off into what looked like a meadow, but a tall, chain link fence topped with razor wire cut us off.

“Come on, kids, this way,” Asher instructed, “there’s a gate over here.”

Sure enough, a gate set on runners sat locked before us. Asher pressed the button on the gate and like magic, it slid open.

Cut into the earth was a downward sloping concrete tunnel wide enough for a large vehicle. We hung back, unsure and mistrusting, yet wanting to be safe.

“I wouldn’t have rescued you if I was gonna harm you, I would have left you to the Seth out there,” he said, seeing us hesitate, “Come on, we have food, water, beds. You can even take a hot shower if you want.”

That did it for me. Just the thought of a hot shower made my feet move. Once we were inside of the tunnel, Asher hit another button and a door rose up from the ground, concealing the entrance. As soon the door was all the way up, rows of lights on the ceiling illuminated the area bathing us in a soft, warm glow. Asher led us to an elevator, pushing a button that said ‘sub-levels’. Not level as in one, but levels, as in many.

“Sir?” I asked, “What is this place?”

“My name is Asher, I think I told you that already,” he said to me, “This is what the government called a DUMB base; Deep underground military base. I used to work for the government and while most of these bases were used for biological, chemical, and mind control development, there are some that they used for housing facilities for various alien groups that the government had made treaties and agreements with. Trust me when I say you guys have no idea what’s really happening on our planet.”

“I knew it,” Chris mumbled, “I just knew the government was lying to us. We all knew it, we just couldn’t do anything about it. How many of these so called DUMB bases are there, anyway?”

We all got on the elevator as the doors opened and Asher pressed another button setting it in motion. I felt my stomach do a funny little flip as the elevator descended into the bowels of the Earth.

“There are approximately two bases in every state. This one being the second largest. The biggest one is under Death Valley,” Asher told us.

“The Seth, are they really aliens that have been here for thousands of years or it that a lie, too?” Josh asked him.

“Another lie, my young friend,” Asher confirmed, “Put it this way; everything you were ever taught in school, everything you’ve ever believed to be true, has been nothing more than government conditioning.”

“Jesus, our whole life has been a lie,” Chris swore, “What I don’t understand is, what makes these government officials, these people who run the world, think that the rest of humanity should be kept in the dark? Why? What the hell gives them the right to hide amazing stuff from us! I’m so freaking mad right now I could kill someone.”

“It’s all about money, my friend,” Asher told him, “In 1995, a man named Phil Snidely, who used to work for the government, thought the same as you and decided he was going to publish a book to expose all the government’s dirty little secrets. He was involved in the construction of the DUMB bases. Well, in a lecture in Washington, he let out his intentions. He felt the people were entitled to know what their government was doing with their money and what they were hiding from us. Big mistake. Phil was found murdered a week later in Oregon. All of his records, alien artifacts, journals, and book manuscripts came up missing. If they want you dead, you die. Simple as that.”

“That’s really fucked up, man,” Chris told him, “So what or who are the Seth?”

“The Seth are experiments gone horribly wrong,” Chris explained, “The perfect product of gene splicing between alien and human.”

“But so many?” I asked, horrified, “There’s literally thousands of them!”

“Yes, and let me explain why,” Asher told us as we followed him out of the elevator, “What the public didn’t know was that these aliens, the Grays, had a space station on the dark side of the moon. They’ve been monitoring our planet for thousands of years. Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin knew because when they landed on the moon, they were confronted by them. What the public doesn’t know is that there is a block of time missing from the original broadcast to NASA from them. I heard it personally. His last words, which were cut out, said, “My God, my God, they were here all along.” It’s bone chilling.”

We walked down a brightly lit corridor to a set of thick, steel doors which opened after Chris punched in a code.

“A deal was made between the the Grays and our government. Their race, you see, was dying. Their females were not producing eggs for fertilization anymore. Needless to say, with our population explosion, who was going to miss a couple million human females? Especially in countries like Greece, Africa and Muslim run countries whose females are mistreated and abused everyday. Worthless. So they stole eggs from the females, killed them, and in a lab inseminated the human eggs with alien sperm. They grew a race of monsters.”

“Oh, my God,” I breathed, “Those bastards. What were they thinking?”

The steel doors opened and revealed to us a sight that made us all gasp with the enormity of it.

Author Notes

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Riss

Good continuation and pace. Believable dialogue and interaction. Good imagery. The only thing, (again I may have missed it) is where did the secure the tank? Was it with the base?

I see the nits were addressed. One observation:
I looked over (at) Chris with a raised eyebrow.

Take care and stay safe,



You continue the beginning with more exciting and amazing facts woven well in the dialogue between characters. You make it feel believable with the government background. Really liking the story so far, Lisa! A few nits for you:

-Asher pressed (the) button on the gate and like magic, it slid open.
-Cut into the earth was a downward sloping[,]concrete tunnel wide enough for a large vehicle. (comma not needed here)
-As soon the door was all the way up, rows of lights on the ceiling illuminated the area, bathing us in a soft, warm glow. (too many commas)
-Not level as in one[.](,) but levels, as in many.
-“Jesus, our whole life has been (a) lie,” Chris swore, “What I don’t understand

Great job!
Write On!


Keeps me on the edge of my seat Riss! Hmmm, but I get the feeling something’s just not right. This Asher speaks of lies and more lies the gov told and makes me wonder if He is lying as well. I just don’t trust him. And the end of this post makes my stomach drop…what do they see? I wanna know! Keep ’em coming, inquiring minds wanna know…lol


Lisa, nice continuation. I’m waiting to see where you take this now; with all of the bible analogies, I was expecting something out of Revelations. The alien part was a neat twist.

Asher’s a cool character; he adds a good dimension to the story.

No real nits, mostly a little grammar:

* “My name is Asher,” should end in a period, not comma.

* “Jesus, our whole life has been lie,” Chris swore,” – replace last comma with period.

* “Especially in countries like Greece, Africa and Muslim run countries who’s females are mistreated and abused everyday.Especially in countries like Greece, Africa and Muslim run countries who’s (whose) females are mistreated and abused everyday.”

Great job – keep on writing!

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