The Seth- Part Five- Conclusion


Tucking our guns in our waistbands out of sight, we left the pod talking and laughing as if we had not a care in the world as our eyes took in our surroundings. Seeing no one, we veered off course and cut out running for the elevator that would lead us to the danger zone; Diamond City. Josh punched in the memorized numbers and the doors opened immediately, not like the elevators we were used to that took forever and a day to arrive at your floor. No alarms sounded and no one came running. For some reason, that bothered me. Unless, of course Asher really trusted us enough to think we’d be no problem. A quote from the illustrious Bugs Bunny came to mind, “He don’t know me very well, do he?” and I chuckled to myself.

“Chris, can’t we bypass Diamond City and go straight up top?” Josh asked excitedly, “Look at the buttons! There’s a ‘D’, for Diamond City, but there’s also a ‘G’. Could that mean ground floor?”

“What about our stuff? Our backpacks and supplies?” I asked.

“The hell with the supplies, Piper!” Chris said, “If we can get out alive, we can always get more supplies. Press the ‘G’, Josh, see where it brings us.”

Once the button was pressed, we felt movement, but had no clue as to which way or how far until the door opened to reveal the tunnel.

“Yes!” Chris exclaimed happily, “We owe you one, boy!”

We both hugged Josh affectionately as he blushed with pleasure.

“Let’s get the hell away from this looney bin,” I suggested, “Far away.”

We ran as fast as we could to the opening of the tunnel until we came to the door that would lead us outside. This door just required us to press one button, much to our relief. Before we knew it, the door opened and the smell of fresh, morning air greeted us as if we were missed. Instead of running down the hill, like they would expect, we ran up. Scrambling up over rocks and through the groves of pines, we made it to the summit finally stopping as we bend over to catch our breath.

“Guys look,” we heard Josh say, “Guys, oh my God.”

Something in his voice sent shivers up my spine and when Chris and I turned and looked, I wished I hadn’t.

As far as the horizon in every direction the sky was filled with triangular shaped space crafts. The blackest of black, they hovered overhead, every now and then zipping from one point to another. But Josh’s eyes weren’t looking at the ships, but at the scenery below. Where once there were small towns and beautiful nature, there was nothing but barren landscape. Smoke filled the sky as the world burned.
We had no words, only millions of questions as we wondered how this all came about in a matter of hours. Or was it?

“Chris?” My voice was tight, mouth dry as a bone as I spoke, “how long were we asleep?”

“Just an hour or so, I think,” he said softly, “Piper? What’s going on here? Am I really seeing this?”

We heard the sounds of footsteps nearing and froze. There was no where to go, no where to hide. Someone was coming very slowly and deliberately as they knew this.

Asher came into view, his face set in a mask of pity as he approached.

“Ahh, there you are,” he said, “seems as though you caught on a little sooner than we expected.”
He looked pointedly at Josh, wagging a finger back and forth. “Someone’s been snooping and being naughty.”

I felt, rather than saw, the presence of the Grays all around us. “As for your question, Piper, you were asleep for almost thirty days,” he announced, chuckling at my widening eyes, “Yes, hard to believe, I know. Josh shook it off a little sooner than we expected, but, the takeover is complete. Welcome to the new Earth, Euchlid 5.”

It wasn’t the ships that scared me, or the fact that we’d been asleep for a month, or even that Earth had been over run with Grays. It was watching Chris fall to his knees, burying his face in his hands that let me know all hope was gone. Humanity, was gone. Looking at Josh’s empty eyes I nodded imperceptibly and took his hand, both of us noticing the cliff in back of us. We ran, leaping off into space to our deaths rather than give them any satisfaction. But even that wasn’t to be. For as we free fell,we were suddenly lifted with a speed so great I could feel my organs shifting painfully forward, my neck near to breaking so great was the shift in direction. They wouldn’t even let us die the way we wanted to die and shrieking in mortal fear, we disappeared into the bowels of the craft above to meet our fate.



My huge belly contracted again as the chords in my neck stood out with strain of pushing. Female grays stood around me greedily waiting for the newest infant to arrive. I’d lost count after the twentieth monstrosity was born. I felt myself tear as its huge head made an appearance. Shrieking, I gave one final push, expelling the thing in a rush of blood and afterbirth. The females surged forward as they caught it in a blanket, and bit through the umbilical cord. As their attention was focused on the hybrid child, I quickly grabbed the scalpel on the tray near my head. In one quick motion, I ran the blade across my neck from ear to ear, my laughter ending in gurgles as the shocked females tried without success to save me. It was over. I was going home.




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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Riss

I liked the conclusion. I know Piper’s fate, but what happened to Chris and Josh? Enjoyed!

Take care and stay safe,




Thanks for taking the time to read, Ray, Much appreciated. If you read the end, it reads, “WE disappeared into the bowels of the craft above to meet OUR fate.”

I thought that was kind of obvious, sorry if it was unclear.


Wow! I didn’t think you could conclude all this in one final segment, but you did! And, it really works! You have a wonderful story, here, Lisa! Enjoyed reading it very much.

Write On!



Ahh, Becky, thank for finishing and editing. You’re definitely right about all of your edits and I thank you for a great review.

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