The Professor and a Mercedes – part 2

I’ll drive. Elana says.
Yes, she an excellent driver. The ladies assure him.
He awakes in the garage of his manor. Mercedes leads the way, unlocks the door Neena and Siva guide him by belt loops waist.
I didn’t realize you ladies were so small. He speaks in wonderment.
They laugh, not at him. With him. He thinks.
This way to the bedroom, he nods. She did ask where it was, didn’t she?
After all, he didn’t want her to get the wrong impression.
I asked. Mercedes said. You do want me, don’t you?
I know, it’s the weed or the smoke, the heat, the house is alive.
If only for one night.
He awakes; instantly he feels all alone.
The house feels like before, not like last night, last night, right?
When it felt alive like never before.
He slips on his robe.
Mercedes! Mercedes! She’s not here, the house is too cold.
The house is cold, the front is wide open, an eddy of leaves
and dust swirl in the large foyer. The ladies are gone. The house is
ransacked. Paintings missing from the walls, valuable vases and urns missing or overturned.
Silver missing from the kitchen, Cassandra’s jewelry – gone
The car is not in the driveway.

How will I get to the shop in the morning?

Author Notes

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Charles

Not quite what your character expected from a one night stand. I liked his POV on life. With everything of value stolen, his only concern is how he will get to his shop.

Mercedes leads the way, unlocks the door Neena and Siva( guide him by belt loops waist.) Found this confusing guides him by the belt loops at his waist?)


Take care and stay safe,


charles stone


Hey, Ray, thanks for reading. And as always, thanks for the eagle eye, I can count on you to find the nits. Thanks again.

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