The Parade


The Parade

Samson raised his head from the hard, wooden, curved leg of the “You’ve been staring out of the window for a long time.”

Celladora turned to look at her husband “Yes. There’s a strange parade.”

Samson licked his right front paw. “The Uprights are having a parade?”

“Why can’t you just call them humans.” She turned back to look through the window. Her cold wet nose leaving streaks on the glass. “And no, it’s not the humans.”

“Hu, humans that is such a crude nasty sounding word. It makes me feel as if I have a hairball in my throat. I think it is the ugliest word on the planet. But it is a fitting name. They are the vilest creatures living here.”

“Oh, please Samson, not now. Come take a look.”

Samson rose, tested the weight on his right paw. He had to get a running start to leap onto the window seat. He’s not a young, cute little kitty anymore. He’s a full grown Russian Blue and the years have put more than a few pounds on his small frame.

Samson was stunned. His left rear foot suspended in mid-step; he shook his head violently twice and rubbed his eyes in his wife’s soft clean fur. She smelled of talc powder obviously, she’d been playing in the Uprights’ bedroom.

The scene outside the window was the strangest thing he had ever seen. Yeah, there was a parade. A parade of the most dangerous animals in Russia. Two Brown Bears were walking with a trio of Wolverines. A Polar Bear and her mate walking step for step with two Amur Tigers, one male one female, he thought. Two Grey Wolves lagged several paces behind. A family of Karakurt spiders lounging in its silver fur. A Wild Boar flashed it wicked tusk as it laughed apparently at a comment made by a Grey Hare.

“Cellador are my eyes playing tricks?”

“No hon, I watched this parade for several minutes. I think it has something to do with the … the humans. But I don’t see any humans in the parade.”

His eyes still on the strange parade. A Northern Viper riding on the hind parts of a lynx. “Where are the Uprights? Come to think of it I haven’t heard them clopping around this morning, making enough noise as usual to raise the devil.”

She turned to look at his profile. The sunlight highlighted the fading colors around his eyes, his nose and mouth. And for the first time she noticed the complete lack of color in his eye. “They were up early this morning. They left too much food and water for us. I think they have joined the parade.”

Samson turned from the window and focused on his wife’s face. “It’s official now, Cellador my dear we are old.”

She smiled. “Why now?”

“The Uprights have left us here because we are too old to walk in a parade. Too much of a bother to bring along and enjoy this wonderful spectacle whatever it is.”

“Maybe this is bigger than the humans. She leaned her weight on him. We have wisdom, Samson, I would gladly trade wisdom for strength anytime.” “Besides, it’s beginning to rain. We’ll just stay in the warm dry house. The humans will be back.”

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