The Ohio River

The Ohio’s angry this morning
Churning muddy waters
Up to the treeline
Disinviting fishers and hikers

Clouds are rolling low
Turning everything grey

Historical signs boast
Indian wars here
Lincoln’s father traveled the water’s
Sherman was here
So was Clara Barton

How many bodies lie underneath
The current
Dragged flailing to the dark and cold bottom?
Come closer, the Ohio whispers
I’ll tell you…

Author Notes

I occasionally like to wake up early and drive down the Ohio River, sitting on a park bench with a cup of coffee watching the sun come up. This morning, the sky as overcast and the river was higher from recent rains, painting a pretty ominous picture. This was more an off-the-cuff poem I texted on my phone than a work of art I sweated over. If you have any criticism, have at it. I have no ego...

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Excellent! Gave me kind of a creepy feeling about the Ohio River. Could almost feel the damp, grey air as the river beckons to reveal its dark secrets. Loved this!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Dave

Liked the imagery. You not only conveyed to the reader the river’s anger, but the mysteries just beneath the surface. Well done!

Take care and stay safe,


Carol Moore


I miss the Ohio River my only camping trip in 2003 was on the river with my bestie and her family , she passed in 2010. It is beautiful. Well done My friend


Thank you, Carol! The Ohio passes by a nearby town. My oldest son used to live there, and he liked to pass the time sitting on a bench overlooking it. Since he passed, I ride out there and sit sometimes, pondering life. It’s a good meditation.

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