The Night The Pixies Danced




dance beneath

golden ring of moon.


sail through space


in autumn starlight.

Misty shrouds

spirit across Ghost Lake.

Willa the Witch

frosts tips of trees

with broom handles

in the midst of riotous

fog fantasy.

By night,

she lay in wait

on the old Silk Road,

frightening travelers

on their way to




© 2016, Patricia Crandall. All rights reserved.
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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Patricia,

I loved this poem, and love the whimsical feel of it. Feels like something right out of one of the older (and in my opinion FAR Better) Disney cartoons, like something out of Fantasia.
This was just really well done!



Thanks Tim. As I get older I appreciate the old vs. new. In content and staying power. Plus, I like to use my imagination even if the writing is not perfect. Structure and writing classes leave me mind boggled.

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