The Man in White

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The strangest thing happened
On the way to the bus
This story is true
So keep it ‘tween us
A man in the park
All dressed in white
Told me a tale
Of the land beyond night
Where magic and wonder
Dazzle the mind
From fairies to pixies
And sprites of all kind
A place where your dreams
Always come true
flowers of fancy
And skies of pure blue
He told me he’d been there
For thousands of years
That he wants to return now
His eyes filled with tears
He came back to find
A love from his past
But time had unraveled
And moved much too fast
He pulled from his pocket
A small leather book
He held it up high
And spoke as he shook
In a flash of blue light
a rush of hot air
A deafening bang
He was no longer there
It’s hard to believe
these things that I say
I needant be modest
it’s been quite the day
This story I tell you
Does not contain lies
I saw it myself
With my very own eyes

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Love the cadences in the poem. I’m always open to the mystical. So sad, the man didn’t find his lost love though. Maybe it was you in an earlier life and you guys just didn’t recognize each other. Nothing is random. There are no coincidences.

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