The Little Experiment- A Synopsys

A new story idea I’ve been toying with.  Opinions, thoughts, questions- all welcome.


A group of a thousand families are selected for an experiment.  With human populations exploding, and resources to support them dwindling, a group of scientists are making an attempt to reduce the human impact by reducing the human size.  To three inches tall.


After two experimental phases, the project is given the green light,  and the families are selected through a lottery program.  Jax Drews is the teenage son of Aaron Drews, the leader of the military/police branch of selectees.


With a lust for exploration, and a knack for getting into trouble, Jax discovers what could be a huge potential threat to the entire community.  What’s worse, is the threat has also discovered him.  The race is on for Jax to get back to the community, warn his people, and help mount a defense against the threat- before everyone in the community dies.

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Roxanna Andrews


I’m going to try to write something here, but it hasn’t been letting me. Not sure what is wrong. This sounds very interesting and I for one would be willing to read such a story. Rox

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Tim

Interesting premise. I want to see how three inch tall humans interact with the rest of the world. Captivating!

Take care and stay safe,



When you say the experiment has discovered him, do you mean he has been reduced to three inches tall? If he is the son of the military leader who heads this experiment, how are his people different from his father’s people? Why will they all die? I assume you mean he needs to warn them of the experiment and try to stop it?

I can imagine this three inch human approaching full-size humans to explain and warn them of what is happening. Kind of like a “Toy Story” image, having to overcome large obstacles physically, just to get around. Encounters like snakes in the grass, insects, bugs, small animals(cats/dogs). There are so many possibilities!

Sounds like an interesting story possibility, Tim. 🙂

Write On!

M.L. Bull


Nice start, Tim. I’m guessing that “huge potential threat” is a snake. Curious of how this story will gone. 🙂

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