The Lion

You are not a weeping, finite man.

You are a Lion,

in un-ending gold,

and you do not roar

because my mind is broken.


Perhaps  you love me because

I am a damaged vessel.

Perhaps you love me because you love me.

However it is, you are my strong, warm, and lovely one.


You make love to my soul,

and your tongue becomes a moonlit lake

that washes me of sin.

It promises renewal, slow breathing, and mental wholeness.

I hold you and sigh and weep the story of my life,

and you say, “Be calm.”


I have no attacks when you hold me.

I do not panic, grow numb, or wish to die.

You embody the sun when you kiss me,

and give life to my bones.

Your hair is constantly in my face,

and it hides me from myself.


When we wake, it is morning,

and my mind is healed.

I feel joy and pain, and I feel them together.

I do not fear to live bitter-sweetly.

Then you wake,

and you are smaller, and somehow larger.

And you are not a lion but God.

© 2017, Grace MJ. All rights reserved.
The author has granted, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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My mind flashes to Kami cults. A Kami god. The Japanese worship Mother Nature;they even think objects like trees have souls and they believe in reincarnation, being reincarnated from an animal to human or vice versa. Japanese believe that their sword has a soul and the sword must choose the person. Give them names. This poem makes me think of this… kind of spiritual poetry, a person evolving into a god through rituals ans so forth. Your imagination is good. Got a writer friend that I call Lion King. He is the king of his throne writing poetry and prose. I see no obvious grammar errors worth mentioning. Maybe god is in us and around us, his DNA cloned into the earth as it was terraformed.



I loved reading this. A beautiful, sweet glimpse of deep love and a trusting spirit. A lovely write, Grace, enjoyed.

Grace MJ


Dear Ray,
You are absolutely correct! I’m glad the meaning came through.
Thanks for reading, and stay safe, too. 🙂

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Grace

I enjoyed the poem. If my take is correct, one seeks solace and comfort from life’s mental torments of doubt, depression and anxiety. Well done.

Take care and stay safe,


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