The Lending Hand

Take the boy up by the hand

Lift the weakest up to stand

Help them cross the burning land

Help them through the desert sand

Become the light that gives the fight

For those who have a dying sight

Show the way on which they might

Find a way they find is right

A little bud can grow up strong

A child can learn right from wrong

A tree can reach out far and long

It takes a touch, a gentle song

Shine bright my growing Sun

Light your path as day is done

Author Notes

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I like and appreciate the positive message shown throughout the poem with light and sight and Sun. I can envision the tree roots spreading out far and long, the gentle touch and the light on the path. Enjoyed this poem very much, John.

Write On!

Tim Hillebrant


Hi John,

Great poem here. I love the message and the recognition of a child’s potential and need for a little guidance to maybe help point the way. Very well done.



Great poem! Children have unlimited potential, they just need support and guidance to get from here to there. Good message. I usually nitpick and give recommendations, but I fund nothing to pick at. Good work – write on!

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