The Kick-Ass Writer

The Kick-Ass Writer

by Chuck Wendig

If you’re looking for an unconventional book on writing that is still extremely insightful… look no further. Chuck Wendig has you covered in this fun book for writers.

The Kick-Ass Writer gets you laughing but, at the same time, learning. His ‘out there’ personality really shines through in his tips and his ‘no bs’ approach does, too. Chuck Wendig is a fantastic writer who also runs an amazing blog ( that’s worth checking out.

You can pick away at this one. It’s written in list form, hence the 1001 ways to write great fiction subtitle. In my opinion, it’s a must-have for writers who want something outside of the generic writing tips books.

Anyone else have this book? Thinking about getting it? Looking forward to your comments! Remember, we always have to respect the author’s rights. This is an interactive review, but not somewhere to share specific information from the book. For that, you’ll have to purchase it.

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