The ID

I closed my eyes and held my breath for just a moment and then exhaled slowly to steady my nerves before turning the corner.  A hideous death would be upon me whether I stayed hidden or faced it head on, for it could smell the fear in me and would feed off of it until I withered and died.

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Michele

In a short piece you had the reader experience different emotions with courage at the end.

Well done.

Take care and stay safe,


Tim Hillebrant


Hi Michelle,

You’ve written a short, but complicated, piece here. This works on so many levels.
The ID we’re all subject too, our worst fears and the self doubt that feeds them.
A well done piece, and a nice little read.


Karen Holt


Hi Michelle, this is strong and powerful and full of dark emotion. I thought of the Id – ego and super ego – and in that we are our own worst enemy, and feed things that destroy us, I think it works on that level too. Self destruction can be just as compelling ?
I like that this works on several levels, it made me think, and that is great. Karen

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