The Gates of De-Evolution

The Gates of De-Evolution

Chapter 1


Another typical early evening for Chad, Bill, and Erin, sitting in the basement of Chad’s parent’s house, smoking weed, drinking cheap beer and listening to AC/DC on vinyl. Chad and his friends are not bad teenagers, they are smart kids who like to unwind after school by listening to hard rock and chill with their favorite beverage and herb, what is not to like about their lifestyle? The parents of Chad, James and Doreen, understand what goes in the “Teen-Cave”, they may not be fans of the way the kids “unwind”, however, when they were teenagers themselves, they may have “dabbled” in the weed on a couple of occasions. Lets’ get back to the story on hand, Chad and his friends are unwinding from another tough day of cutting class at Ocean High School and in an unusual twist, Erin brings up an idea of the three of them taking a stroll down to Forest Phoenix to experience the eeriness for themselves. Chad was all for it while Bill was a little more reluctant to walk down the street to the forest, but, the “high” got the best of him and he agreed. A few more tokes, a swig of beer and a loud primal scream, the three teenagers went up the stairs, through the kitchen and out the back door towards the Forest Phoenix.


The Forest Phoenix sits at the end of a street called Phoenix Parkway and the entrance is a rusty gate with “Forest Phoenix” written across the archway. Time has taken its toll on the gate and a few letters may be missing and rust may have taken over, which adds to the legend of this “forest”. In its hey-day, the forest was full of large trees, luscious bushes and paths for those who enjoy hiking and taking in nature. Well, time has been a cruel invader as vines have made their way around the trees, the bushes have died, leaving skeletal remains of what once was and wild flowers along with weeds have replaced the paths, in short, the forest has fallen on hard times. Over the years, stories have been told of ghastly creatures stalking the forest in search of those who were unwise and entered the sacred ground of the Under-Lord, however, not a single soul has seen these creatures that supposedly lurk through the forest, Un-Godly noises have been heard, but, no signs of the Under-Lord. In recent times, the forest has been home to those who enjoy partying and not be worried about the “cops” busting them because the further you go into the forest; the harder it is to see what illegal activities may be taking place. The one “it” factor that the forest has is the fact that in early evening as the sun is setting and the cooler air moves in, an eerie fog sets in around the gate, engulfing the entrance, which, with the stories that have been told, makes the “cool” factor really high.


While walking down the street, Erin and Chad were laughing it up and mocking the forest while Bill kept quiet and seemed to be on edge. As the gates loomed larger with every step, Bill’s steps became smaller and he was slowing down, Chad also was slowing down, however, Erin picked up the pace and ran as fast as she can and passed through the gates without hesitation. On seeing their friend disappear through the gates, Chad and Bill began a hell bent sprint to catch up with her and to ensure her safety. The two men ran into the forest and quickly spotted Erin standing next to a tree with a smirk written across her face. In awe of his surroundings, Bill made a 360 degree turn just gawking at the immense intimidation factor that the forest was. Chad quickly looked around and just laughed; calling it the coolest thing he has ever seen. Erin patted his back, took a quick hit off a cigarette she had lit and was about to turn towards what was left of a path when the darkness became darker and the howling voices etched their names across the trunks of the trees that surrounded the courtyard the teens were standing in. The wind began picking up, webs were being spun across dilapidated paths, slamming noises of some kind began to be heard in the distance, the world of Erin, Chad and Bill was about to change forever.


Looking down at the terror that was beginning to unfold, The Dark Lord of Phoenix grinned, showing off four rows of teeth that seemed as though they were daggers, glistening in the dark, ready for whatever prey that would fall victim at the hands of the Mighty One. Raising one winged arm in the air, the Dark Lord signaled for his minions to unearth themselves and make way towards the three unsuspecting teens that were starting to show signs of making haste towards the gate that seemed quite further away than it really was. Terror is going to unfold and the Dark Lord will have new recruits to add to his Dark army and what is this, a female is one of the teens, things just improved, perhaps a bride she will be………

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