The Gates of De-Evolution Chapter 2

The Gates of De-Evolution

Chapter 2

As the wind picked up, the terror within their eyes told of a tragic ending to a story that was just beginning. Bill was the first to notice the unearthly creatures cascading from underneath the skeletal like remains of the bushes; it was too much for him to scream an alarm to his two friends. Erin and Chad looked at each other in horror as a winged creature from above descended towards them, grinning, eyes aglow with a tormented singe to them.

Cracks of thunder were heard overhead, a perfect entrance for a creature like no other. Erin’s eyes told all, they told of an individual too much under the spell of terror to even attempt to run, Chad on the other hand, was ready to sprint, however, was unable to proceed. Looking around for his dear friend, Chad could not locate Bill; all he heard were horrific screams of an Un-Godly creature that should be put down.

Screaming to be heard, Bill valiantly fought the Gothic Creature clawing at him, it was a tiring ordeal, but, Bill wanted to live, wanted to tell others of this horrifying place. Looking closely at the creature that was terrorizing him, all he could see were glowing yellow eyes, fangs that were at six inches long and the smell, it was of death, of unnatural origins. Giving all he could, Bill kicks the creature square in the face and it was enough to release him and Bill quickly makes a run for it.

Looking towards Erin, Chad noticed a glow within each of her eyes, they were not there before. Perhaps the high was a good one, however, a tingle of warning was felt all through his body. Carefully inching towards Erin, Chad reached out to pull her out of harm’s way. It was perfect timing as the Winged Creature finally landed only feet away from where Erin was standing. The creature stood at least eight feet tall, red in color with streaks of black along the tail, horns protruding from the skull, eyes – yellow in color. Looking at the creatures arms, Chad could see the talons that seem to take place of what should be hands. Taking his hand away from Erin, Chad began reaching into his pant pocket to pull out a lighter, a fruitless option; however, what other option is there, just as he was putting his hand in his pocket, the creature unleashed an ear-piercing howl….

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reigny dai


I love tales of horror and creepy creatures.

Be careful with capitalization–gothic creature, winged creature. Perhaps?

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