The Feast




The Feast

In keeping with our vegetarian feast
The roasted turkey – we desire the least.
Our menu contains this delectable dish
It’s not venison, roasted pig, fowl nor fish.

Couscous and roasted butternut squash
Two apples cored and coconut milk.
Add raisins, cinnamon and sugar to a butter mosh
Whip by hand into a rich, velvet silk.

Preheat the oven to four hundred degrees
A half cup of Black Rum for the tease.
Combine milk, salt and a teaspoon of butter in a pan
Check the oven – don’t burn it, please.

Now we take this time to bow our heads
And bless the food and the ones on the family tree.
We will give all our thanks to the Ones
We honor, love and cannot see.

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Anisa Claire


Nice poem, Charles! But… what?! Turkey is the best part! Lol. I noticed you used a rhyming scheme and in your last verse ‘ones’ and ‘heads’ falls out of sync. Otherwise, great read.




Great poem, Charles! I could live a vegan diet if I didn’t have to give up fish. I could eat that everyday. But is nice to see a different side of Thanksgiving.


Charles, This vegan dish sounds great and you have enticed me with your good writing. I could almost taste it. But, I’ll never give up turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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