The Color of Song (Inspired by Sarah Brightman)

Such soothing colors of sound and light…
your voice washing over me
like a cool balm
a tranquilizing rhythm
filling me with peace and pleasure
joy unknown

Pure, sweet bell-like tones
soaring to the heights of the heavens
showing me what God is
allowing sight into the distance
smooth flowing phrases
subtle increasing crescendos
opening a window
into my heart

It feels like love
your voice is love
comforting my spirit
a healing salve
intensifying the wounds
slowly draining them
of their poisonous shroud
bestowing light and love
opening and entering
a song to the weary
healing with continuous
colors of sound

My heart is melting into the warmth
the breath of life
singing me a new song
In Paradisum…

Author Notes

4 Comments for “The Color of Song (Inspired by Sarah Brightman)”

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Becky

You’ve captured the power(s) that love holds sway of those fortunate to experience its wonders.

Take care and stay safe,



Love comes in many different forms, inspiring those feelings through music, art, poetry, as well as personal relationships. Our heart doesn’t know the difference. And, that is perhaps, a good thing. 🙂 Thank you for your comments, Ray. 🙂

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