The Capture Of Ralfie.


Ralph Lindley
Ralph Lindley

“Ralph, Ralphie,”

she called from a faraway place.

As his soul had been captured

In lead and not haste.


Lured was Ralph,

by the scratch of a pen.

Captured on parchment,

Seen never again.


Now Ralphie lives

In charcoal and ink,

Rolled in a box

Stuffed under the sink.


Whisked away,

his name never spoke

Once long before

he’d be a laugh and a joke.


He lived with a friend

Stole socks from the floor.

He  dej’d  a nightclub

Now never no more.


Ralph got too big for his bone,

Now Lynn and Michael

Live all alone.

Memories haunt them night and day

But Ralphie’s fame it  got in the way.



In England there is a dog called Ralph who appears to have become famous with his blog and radio station, he promotes Indie music.

Author Notes

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Ellen,

Lovely poem, lots of good fun to read. At first I thought Ralphie was a beloved pet, now gone, but then I wondered if he wasn’t an animal, dog maybe, who was well known for a time, but like many celebrities, has outlived his fame?

A poem I enjoyed.



Ellen, cute write here. So it looks like Ralph was created as a character, but once the character started to outshine the writer, he was ‘ddep-sixed,’ so to speak. Is that right?

Enjoyable, in any case. One nit: But Ralphies (‘Ralphie’s’ – don’t forget the apostrophe) fame it got in the way.

Keep up the good writing!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Ellen

Good rhyme and cadence and imagery, however I’m somewhat confused. You seem to be talking about a dog, then towards the end of your poem, you mention nightclubs. Are you referring to two different things…a dog and or a person?

take care and stay safe,


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Ellen

I didn’t read the link you mentioned….and it does make it clear.

Take care and say safe,


Lisa Doesburg


Hi Ellen! While I loved the poem, I have to admit (and it’s probably just me), that I’m a little confused as to who or what Ralphie is. With the sketch of the dog, and the mention of stealing socks from the floor, i was sure it was a dog. But then you mentioned DJ’ing at a night club and i was lost…

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