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Poverty applies to all that live and breathe. You can be a wealthy person but have no one to share, to love and care for, then you live a sad life poor of love. You can be poor of health, mentally unable to take care of yourself therefore live in poverty though your purse is full. You can have the clothes upon your back but a smile that draws everyone close, though you live in poverty your heart is full and loved. It is not a race that that turns its back or closes it’s eyes. It is sections of every country, colour and creed, good and bad reside in all walks of this … the human race.

Emma Fawson


Succinct, and sadly true of many nations that consider themselves ‘developed’. Poverty is easy to ignore if you aren’t in it.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Reigny

To be poor (and I’ve been there) can happen to virtually anyone. We have a saying in the States — ‘For the grace of God there go I.’ I had not anticipated being poor, yet do to circumstances beyond my control I and my family were for nearly two years. It’s not until to you experience it, do you realize how devastating it can be one’s self esteem, especially your wife’s and children’s.

Take care and stay safe,


reigny dai


Good morning, Raymond

I agree; poor can happen to almost anyone. You’d think more people would realize that and not treat poverty likes it’s science fiction or something that only happens to other people. News flash, we’re all other people. I’m in the states and know that saying. The funny thing is, we’re more about sayings, quotes, and positive mantras, than making moves, taking action, or trying to understand those outside our circles.

The little you shared about your situation put a lump in my throat. It devastates on many levels: borrowing money, utilities shut off, rationing food and water, going to food banks and homeless shelters, car and other repossessions, not being able to bathe or flush the toilet because you have no running water, the rumors, the stares, and even in 2017 there’s still the idea of the patriarch being the provider. So, for men, it’s in some ways worse because they have wives and children.

Thanks so much for your honest reply.

I shall. You do the same.


Gregory Shipman


And let me add to this most timely sentence that you give us… ‘Poverty is the problem for the impoverished’. It is true, I believe, that to some extent that the way we deal with poverty is to treat it like a contagious disease… if we get too close we’ll catch it, or if we ignore it (or give lip service to it) it’ll go away… not the poverty, but those infected by it.

I’ve been poor and I’ve been ‘not-poor’; I prefer ‘not- poor’… but I understand ‘poor’ and I understand poverty is not on anyone’s Christmas list…
I could write a series of books on this… but your sentence says so much more!

reigny dai



What you said is true and unfortunate, and why I’m one American (born and raised) who doesn’t blab on about how great this country is. Only priests and nuns take a vow of poverty; for others, they’re born into, they’re choices led them to it, or life circumstances brought it upon them. However, like most things, most people don’t worry about it unless or until it affects them.

I’m sure you do prefer “not poor,” but it’s important that you understand “poor.” You should write that series of books. My sentence is an example of what I do best, terse verse–making my point in as few words as possible by writing only what matters.

Thank you for your thoughts and time.

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